Partner with Camp Eagle

This slogan, more than anything, reflects the vision, mission and goals of Camp Eagle. Ordinary people come to this extraordinary place God has provided, and lives change in ways that alter the fabric of eternity. It’s simple, yet profound. The transformation starts outside in the beautifully rugged Texas Hill Country, and it culminates deep in the stillness of the heart. Remarkably, it's something that has been witnessed every month of every year since opening in 1999. And while every effort goes into making this place as special as humanly possible, the real agent of change is the truth we proclaim through the Word of God alongside His Holy Spirit.

Camp Eagle has grown tremendously since Anthony and Laura Scott along with one other couple made the lonesome trek to what seemed like an abandoned hunting ranch. Today, Camp Eagle has dozens of top-notch outdoor adventure facilities spread across 1400 acres and is visited by thousands of students, families and groups each year. What a blessing!

In addition to changed lives, God’s grace has been demonstrated through each and every partner that has been inspired by Him to share their talents along the way. It’s the body of Christ where each with different roles and talents shares in a way that ultimately brings Glory and Honor to Christ.

While we have been richly blessed, Camp Eagle continues to grow as needs become known throughout the Texas region and now in New Mexico as well. The numbers always seem daunting, but God’s grace and mercy abounds.

We challenge you to look at Camp Eagle and ask yourself what God might have in store for you in regards to this ministry. Whether it be financial, volunteering or through prayer, we always welcome partners in our quest to follow God’s leading to change forever now.


Financial gifts are welcomed, large and small, occasional or regular. All gifts are tax-deductible and can be made online or by sending a check.

Checks can be made out to Camp Eagle and mailed to:
Camp Eagle
6424 Hackberry Rd.
Rocksprings, TX 78880
General Fund

Online Giving: Giving to the General Fund allows Camp Eagle to decide where resources are most needed at the time of your gift. This gift would support all of our programs and enable us to continue providing safe, fun, and impactful camp sessions for kids and adults of all ages.


Stay informed through this website and sign up to receive our quarterly online newsletter. Pray for the staff, guests, and needs of Camp Eagle.