College Credit

for Gap Year

Gap Year students are able to earn between 3-15 hours of college credit through Moody Bible Institute at a 50% dicount. Each credit hour costs $105.00. There are opportunities for financial aid.

How it works

Gap Year is a work/study program, meaning you will spend a significant amount of time in class and study as a Gap Year student. Students may opt to earn transferable college credit for the study already being done in Gap Year. This credit is given through Moody Bible Institute and Moody considers Gap Year students as a part of their independent study program.

Workload and added expense are two factors students should consider when deciding to apply for college credit. While students will already be study-ing similar topics at Gap Year, those who earn college credit for their studies will have additional assignments, reading, and papers due to Moody Bible Institute.

Students should consider whether they need the credit hours and if the hours earned will transfer to their degree program. Note that some courses are general requirements for all or most degree programs while others are specific to Bible and/or Ministry degree programs.

Courses Offered

Below is the list of specific courses being offered for college credit through Moody Bible Institute. Click here to view on the Moody Bible Institute website.

Elements of Bible Study 3 Hours
Introductory English 3 Hours
Hermeneutics 3 Hours
Survey of Bible Doctrine 1 3 Hours
Introduction to Philosophy 3 Hours

All Gap Year students will cover the same study topics that compliment the courses available through Moody. Note: this outline is subject to change before or during the gap year.


for College Credit

Notify Gap Year

Once accepted into the Camp Eagle Gap Year program, notify the Gap Year Director in order to be put on the list that is submitted to Moody Bible Institute. Moody will then contact each student with information on how to apply and register for the course.

Apply for financial aid

Students who decide to earn college credit during the Gap Year experience should apply for financial aid through FAFSA. Camp Eagle, along with Moody Bible Institute, encourages all college credit seeking students to apply for aid through FAFSA. Be sure to list Moody Bible Institute as your school. The application can be made to FAFSA before enrolling. Early applications are encouraged. The deadline is the end of June.

It is possible that FAFSA could award more aid than the cost of the courses, for housing, food, etc, which will be applied to the overall Gap Year tuition.