Minister's Escape Escape into Outdoor Adventure

People often times ask us "how" and "why" we do this event each fall and spring.

So, here's the answer:

We have seen hundreds upon hundreds of ministers come through our gates and talk about how fatigued they are, and how they wished they could come to Camp Eagle without having to be a leader.

We are also burdened by the consistent conversations we have with church leaders in regards to their families and the lack of quality time they've had together (away from their church). We understand there's never an easy time to pull away from those people in your church, so this is an excuse to put a time on your calendar.

Finally, so many people we meet in our face-to-face travels tell us that they wish they could get out somewhere quiet in order to breathe deeply, pray intensely, fast, get into God's word, write, create, brainstorm, etc. So, this is our attempt at creating an environment for all of these things to take place!


If you haven't been here, our property is a true escape. It's gorgeous! It simultaneously allows for total relaxation and adventure, all while simplistically showing off God's glory.

There are dozens of conferences that are available to you throughout the year that feature wonderful speakers and talented worship leaders, so we don't feel the need for that to be a focus. We are offering what we do best: adventure and relaxation! We also know that the fastest way to make someone happy is by way of a good meal, so we will enjoy some incredible food together.


  • Bring three from your church for FREE!
  • For Additional guests:
    • Adults - $40/guest
    • Ages 17 and under- $20/guest
  • Registration includes meals, lodging, and activities.
  • Please make sure that all members of your party are registered for the event.

View/download the Packing List here

View/download the Schedule here

Have questions? Need help registering? Please email


  • We have several private, hotel-style rooms available, but they will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis (Limit 2 hotel rooms per church). Know that we will do our best to accommodate everyone to give you a great getaway, but we have a limited number of these rooms.
  • From there, we will put as many people in separate rooms as possible. Each of these dorm-style rooms have six pairs of bunk beds (1 full bed and 11 twin beds), a shower, toilet, and two sinks.
  • You may request to share a room if you have extended family or friends coming to the same retreat. If this is your desire, please let the Retreat Coordinator know at the time of registration.
  • The doors into the private hotel-style rooms lock, but the dorm rooms do not lock.

Additional Info

  • Please make sure to fill up on gasoline in Kerrville, Junction, or Rocksprings before you get to camp.
  • We do not have cell phone service, but we have wi-fi that will be available to you. If you need to use a phone, we do have a land-line available in our Leader's Lounge.
  • Service dogs are the only animals allowed on property. Please don't bring your pets.
  • Directions: DO NOT USE A GPS, MAPQUEST, or any other map application to get to Camp Eagle. Please ONLY follow the direction on our Location page