Schools 4th - 12th grade students

Experience hands-on education through wild adventures customized to incorporate group development, spiritual growth and outdoor adventure in a setting that’s unlike any classroom. Whether rappelling or doing group development, students get an outside-the-box experience with problem solving, character building, and team work. Camp Eagle seeks life-change for every camper that sets foot on Camp Eagle soil.

Recreational Activities

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Outdoor Education Activities

Camp Eagle’s outdoor education lessons are uniquely designed to incorporate both adventure and education in a prime outdoor setting. All of the courses we offer below are designed for the 5th-8th grade level.

All About Rocks - In this course, students will dig deep into the three different types of rocks (Igneous, Sedimentary, & Metamorphic), and how they are formed. They will get a firsthand look at the physical characteristics of these rocks, and compare and contrast their similarities and differences. Students will also take a close look at the processes of weathering, erosion, and deposition, and how they affect the surrounding landscape. During this course, the students will participate in our “Sherpa Trek” activity, where they will experience walking along Camp Eagle’s limestone cliff face.

Animal Tracks - In this course, students will learn about the behaviors and habits of Texas wildlife through direct observation of their tracks. They will use a field guide to help them identify the different types of animals that may have created the tracks. The group will also get an opportunity to create a plaster cast of a track for them to take home to their classroom.

Caves - In this course, students will explore the depths of Eagle Cave. Students will learn about how limestone caves are formed. They will also be able to identify common cave formations, as well as common wildlife found in Texas caves. At the end of the course, the students will learn how to read a cave map, and have the opportunity to explore our very own Eagle Cave!

Desert Plant Adaptations - In this course, students will discover how certain plants must make special adaptations in order for them to survive in their environment. Using the arid climate of the Texas Hill Country as an example, students will hunt for specific plants that have adapted in order to survive the conditions here at Camp Eagle.

Fossils - In this course, students will dig deep into the three different types of rocks (Igneous, Sedimentary, & Metamorphic), and how they are formed. Following that introduction, they will take a closer look into how sedimentary rocks can produce fossils. The students will learn about the five steps of how a fossil forms, and about the four different types of fossils that can be found. At the end of the course, students will go on their own fossil hunt, and attempt to discover and identify fossils around Camp Eagle.

The Mexican-American War - In this course, students will travel back to the time of the Mexican-American War. Students will develop their map-reading skills as they point out key events on a detailed map of the war. Following their time learning about the people and places of the war, the students will reenact their own battle on Camp Eagle’s very own “Archery Tag” battlegrounds.

The Moon - Camp Eagle is blessed with a beautiful night sky. In this course, students will go on an evening hike to our Lookout and take a closer look at our Moon. During their time under the night sky, students will gain a better understanding on how the Moon affects us on Earth in ways such as the changing tides and as a way to keep track of time. They will also learn how to identify the different phases of the Moon using a hands-on approach.

Orienteering - In this course, students will learn the basics of map and compass navigation. Instead of a traditional approach of a point-by-point orienteering course, the students will learn aspects of reading a topographic map, so that they are able to find hidden points throughout the property and then take a bearing with their compass to find a hidden clue.

River Exploration - In this course, students will get their feet wet as they discover the importance of a healthy river ecosystem. Students will discuss characteristics of what a healthy river ecosystem should look like, and conduct their own experiment through a macroinvertebrate test, determine the health of the Nueces River. To conclude the lesson, students will explore a section of the river on kayak.

Simple Machines - During this course, students will work toward gaining a better understanding of the six simple machines. Students will learn how these machines can make it easier to work, using every day objects as examples. Following this study, the students will be able to participate in our “Super Swing” activity as a firsthand example of simple machines in action.

Stars & Constellations - Camp Eagle is blessed with a beautiful night sky. In this course, students will go on an evening hike to our Lookout and take a closer look at our night sky. As they look up at the stars, students will learn about the properties and stories of the stars and constellations. Using a star map, they will be able locate the constellations in the night sky.

Texas Hill Country Hike - During this course, students will explore the beautiful Texas Hill Country on trail. As they hike one of Camp Eagle’s beautiful trails, the students will learn about key characteristics of the Hill Country of Texas including topography, geology, common flora and fauna, and many more! Students will develop their observation skills as they explore the sights and sounds of Camp Eagle.


Schools have the option of choosing from a variety of lodging at any of our four campuses:

On the River's Edge campus, groups can choose to bunk together in our dorms (sleeps 12), cabins (sleeps 14), or in our hotel-style rooms, featuring a king size bed and private bath. With it's ability to house almost 600 people, this is our largest campus.

The Summer campus, just a short walk over the suspension bridge from River's Edge, boasts new log cabins equipped to sleep 14. Each cabin has a private bathroom, which includes three sinks, two showers and two toilets. This campus has a more intimate and secluded atmosphere, with the ability to accommodate 112 people.

The Wilderness campus is a more rustic option. Here you will find 21 open-air screen shelters (18 with electricity, 3 without) close to a centrally located bathhouse. Each shelter has 3-5 bunk-style beds.

The Yurt Village campus is our newest addition to Camp Eagle. This secluded section sits right on the Nueces River and allows guests to stay in authentic yurt cabins. Groups gain a more unique and adventurous experience in this enclave of Camp Eagle.


Backpacking and hiking in Texas may not be well known, but Competitor magazine declared Camp Eagle as "Texas' best adventure destination." With 1400 acres of rugged Hill Country along with natural caves, a quarter mile of 150' tall limestone, and 1.5 miles of the crystal clear Nueces River, Camp Eagle has more natural resources jammed into one space than most camps across the nation.


Camp Eagle employs Retreat Guides who assist school trips much like a camp counselor assists summer camp. Their role is to enrich each trip by infusing energy, guidance and fun into the camp experience. Retreat Guides seek Christ-like change for every camper who sets foot on Camp Eagle soil.



In order to secure a reservation, please contact Timmy Ward, School Retreats Director. The Camp Eagle staff handling your trip will write up a contract specific to each group and will send it via email. This needs to be signed and returned with a 20% deposit before arrival. Everyone attending Camp Eagle will need to bring a signed waiver with them whether they are planning on participating in any activities or not. Also, Camp Eagle now requires a certificate of liability insurance from visiting organizations, such as churches, schools, and other ministries.


Groups of 25-800 students can be accommodated at a time.

Pricing is based on the number of nights reserved and the number of meals needed. Activities are an additional $5-$15 per student per activity.

Most retreats range from 1 to 4 nights, but length of stay is flexible. Day trips are also available.

Contact the schools director at (830) 683-2330 to make reservations.

Packing List

& Directions

Packing List

Here is a suggested packing list for a typical Camp Eagle retreat. Please check with your retreat coordinator to determine if any special items will need to be packed for your specific retreat.


Directions to Camp Eagle can be found on the Location page. Please do NOT use GPS or an online map, as GPS systems are notorious for having difficulty in properly navigating to Camp Eagle.