Gap Year Testimony Videos

Anna's Walkabout Story

Anna Escobar attended Walkabout in 2009-2010. She has also worked on our summer staff team for a number of summers. Anna's involvement at Camp Eagle has not only shaped who she is, but God has changed lives through her.

Doing Walkabout was a really incredible experience for me, and I grew in so many ways from it. I chose to do WA because I was about to start my junior year of college and still had no idea what I wanted to do with my life...I kind of had some ideas, but nothing that I was willing to commit to. Just taking a year off really helped me to realize what my gifts and passions were and I went back to school knowing what I wanted to do, and was excited about going to school. I also was at a place in my walk with the Lord where I was just wanting to be challenged and to grow spiritually, and WA seemed like the place to do that, and it definitely was!! I learned so much from the classes; they have really helped me feel like I can read, understand, and apply scripture appropriately in my life. And then living at camp in such a small community, doing everything together, gave me continuous opportunities to practice what Jesus taught... to love others, to put their needs above my own, to serve without grumbling and complaining, etc. I feel like I really learned how to be a good friend while I was there, and started to learn what it really meant to live obediently to Christ. I definitely made life long friends during my year in WA and grew so much from it!

I would definitely recommend this program to anybody who is wanting to grow in their relationship with the Lord. It’s hard, and it’s challenging, but it’s growing and it’s worth it!

– Anna Escobar

Other Student Testimonials

Being out here has given me the opportunity to come close to Christ and he has changed my life forever.

– Kent, 2009 Student

I have learned so much through this program. It has definitely changed my perspective and my growth in the Lord in every aspect. I love the dynamics of the program and I really enjoy all the different types of activities that we get to experience. Being here has made me so passionate for the Lord.

– Rachel

Walkabout 2019 Dates & Rates

January 5th - May 11th, 2019

4 Month Tuition: $5,000

August 17th 2019 - May 9th, 2020

9 Month Tuition: $10,800

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Hayley Prine
Wilderness Director