Every part of the Gap Year Program is about discipleship and teaching the students how to be disciples for the rest of their lives.

The Gap Year program is intentional and the individual pieces come together to make a cohesive 9-month discipleship experience. Your time will be divided into 4 major focuses: Study (21%), Adventure (24%), Service (40%) and Sabbath (15%).

  •   Service
  •   Adventure
  •   Study
  •   Sabbath
  • Aug - Oct

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  • Nov - Mar

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  • Mar - May

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Over the nine-month period, Walkabout students spend formal class time learning how to faithfully read and interpret the Bible. Having built a strong foundation in scripture, students move to a critical study of theology and learn what the actually believe and why they believe it. Finally, students move through a survey of worldviews different than Christianity relevant to our world today.

While some of our class time can be very different from the normal school experience, students are still responsible for reading outside of class and completing any assigned homework.

College Credit

Camp Eagle Walkabout is now able to offer college credit for our courses! Through Colorado Christian University, students can earn up to nine hours of college credit for students who complete the requirements and up to 15 hours if a student decides to attend Colorado Christian University after Walkabout.

bible study

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adventure picture


Nine different adventure trips punctuate the Walkabout year, providing a foundation for learning and application. An essential part of the Camp Eagle Walkabout, these trips are where life lessons turn into memories that provide a foundation for Christ-like change. Trips change year to year, but some of our trips include:

  • Backpacking in the Guadalupe Mountains
  • Backpacking, mountain biking and kayaking in Big Bend National Park
  • Kayaking 60 Miles of the Lower Pecos River
  • Worldview Trip to Austin, TX


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Walkabout students work alongside full-time staff to help serve the thousands of guests that come to Camp Eagle during the non-summer, retreat months. This service includes running activities (ie. rock climbing, zip lining, rappelling, etc…), preparing accommodations for guests to stay in, and making and cleaning meals. Aside from being extremely valuable to Camp Eagle-our retreats could not operate without Walkabout-the service allows students to experience what camp ministry really is like. Living and working alongside the same people for any amount of time is always difficult and Walkabout is no different. The service at Camp Eagle is a huge opportunity for the students to grow and put what they have learned into practice.


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Taking time to rest is necessary for a Walkabout student. One off day is planned for the students per week. Time off for Thanksgiving and Christmas is also given.

Walkabout 2019 Dates & Rates

January 5th - May 11th, 2019

4 Month Tuition: $5,000

August 17th 2019 - May 9th, 2020

9 Month Tuition: $10,800

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Hayley Prine
Wilderness Director