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Kyle Swetlishnoff

Retreats Coordinator


About Kyle

After being raised amongst the wild moose & frozen waterways of the magical land of Canada as a young lad (and subsequently the unending corn fields of Illinois), Kyle went to college at “the greatest university in the nation – Truman State” – where he majored in Exercise Science, ran cross country for a spell, and rode horses as often as possible. Kyle first came to Camp Eagle as a group camp counselor back in the old days before fiber internet and Hawaiian Sliders. That summer proved to be the most impactful of his life. Kyle left with a newfound confidence in his faith & identity in Jesus Christ. Upon graduating from Truman, he started working with the Camp Eagle Retreats Department, where he is able to provide for guests the same powerful experiences that left such a mark on himself. When not working with retreat groups, he enjoys listening to the Oh Hellos, savoring Blue Bell ice cream, and running 100 mile trail races in the mountains.