Adventure for the City Camper Information


All-Inclusive: This price includes all activities, snacks and insurance. Prices do not include lunch each day. Your child is required to bring lunch.
Price Per Week: The price for one week at camp is $220 per child.
Payment Deadline: Full payment is due the day before camp starts. You may pay in full at the time of registration or join a payment plan and continue making payments through the deadline.


Scholarships will be available through our partner churches. Contact the church for information on how you may receive a scholarship.
Register: You can register online. Existing campers can log in and use their existing accounts to register. If you cannot remember your username or need assistance, call 505-757-6161 ext 714 or 505-757-6161 ext 715. New campers will create a new account. This account will allow you to complete the remaining steps.
All registration must be completed by midnight the day before camp starts. No registrations will be added the day of camp.


Beginning March 1, 2018 you should log in to your registration account and fill out all of the important forms. This includes the camper profile, covenant/release agreement and medical form. Completed camper forms are due the day before camp starts. You can find registration on our website.

Cancellation Policy

Payment made for a registered camper/camp group, whether set up on a monthly payment plan, three equal payments or paid in full, will only be refunded a percentage of the full amount due for the registered camp. The percentage refunded will be based on the number of months that pass between the time of registration and the time of the camp’s start date. You will only be refunded a percentage of your paid amount based on how many months you have left before camp’s start date and the total cost of camp. For example, if you sign up for camp eight months before its start date and pay in full the amount of $600, then decide to cancel your registration three months before camp starts, your $600 total for camp will be divided by your eight months of reservation, making each month equal $75 of the $600 total. Since you had waited five of the eight months to decide to cancel, those five months will not be refunded; only the three months left before camp will be refunded in the amount of $225 (3x75). Our cancellation policy is based on payments made on the monthly payment plan. If you signed up for the monthly payment plan, all payments are non-refundable. If you signed up for any other payment plan, you will be refunded the amount that would have been unpaid at the time of cancellation, had you signed up for the monthly payment plan. For example, if you paid in full 6 months prior to the final payment due date, and you cancel three months later, you would be refunded half of the amount paid (3 months’ worth).

Drop Off/Pick Up

You may drop off your campers starting at 8 am each morning. You may pick up your campers at 4:30 pm every afternoon. On Mondays, you are encouraged to come in to drop your kids off and meet the staff. You will not be able to drop your child off until all forms are completed and payment has been made in full. Required forms are: Health Form, Off-Site Liability Waiver, and Authorized Adults form. You can find these forms on your child's camp registration.


What to Bring:
  • Lunch
  • Bible and Pen
  • Backpack
  • Swimsuit(Girls: modest, one-pieces; Boys: appropriate lendth, no speedos)
  • Towels
  • Sunscreen
  • Tennis Shoes
  • Sandels or flip-flop for water activities
  • Water bottle
  • Extra clothes
What NOT to Bring:
  • iPods
  • Water guns
  • Fireworks
  • Weapons(including pocket knives and muli-tools)
  • Cell Phones
  • Clothing advertising alcohol, tobacco, etc
  • Handheld video game systems
  • Pets
  • Any web-enabled devices

Medication: All medication must be given to our medical staff upon arrival on opening day. The medication will be administered by the medical staff only. Any unauthorized medication is not permitted.
Lost and Found: Please label your child's belongings. Adventure for the City is not responsible for any lost or broken items.

Parent Information

Closing Ceremonies: Closing ceremonies will be held at 3:45 pm on Friday. We encourage parents to attend. If you are unable to attend the closing ceremony on Friday, you may pick up your child after the ceremony ends at 4:30 pm or before it begins at 3:30 pm.
Parental Pickup:For the child’s safety, only a parent or legal guardian may pick up the child from camp unless the parent has listed another name on the Authorized Adult Form on opening day. Be sure to have your ID ready when you come in to pick your child up from camp.
Camp Store:On closing day of Adventure for the City, there will be a pop-up camp store for parents and kids to enjoy. There will be a variety of Camp Eagle merchandise sold such as t-shirts, water bottles, sweatshirts, stuffed Eagles, hats, backpacks, and blankets.
Camp Credit:You can add camp credit to your child's account through the online registration system. This camp credit can be used to purchase items at the Camp Store on closing day. Please be aware that camp credit is non-refundable. Any unused funds will go to Camp Eagle's scholarship fund to help kids attend camp