Wilderness Groups Junior High, Middle School, High School & College

Group Wilderness trips take all the fun of Camp Eagle out to the back-country for customized small group adventures. Wilderness trips can be trail-based or river-based with all the gear you need including backpacks, tents, cooking, etc. With a customizable format, group leaders can tailor the experience to meet the group’s needs, or simply have fun and experience God’s country the Camp Eagle way. One thing is is for sure: life is rarely the same after a Group Wilderness trip.


Wilderness trips involve the whole group working together as an interdependent team. By simply engaging in daily tasks like making food and purifying drinking water, each team member learns to rely on others and develop a sense of community and through this process grow closer to one another. Activities becomes potential life lessons that tap into the power of personal experience for lasting impact. This leads to a greater sense of self-awareness, confidence in God and provides an opportunity to share Christ.

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  • Backpacking/Camping
  • Zip 3000
  • Dual Zipline
  • Sherpa Trek
  • River Traverse
  • Rock Climbing
  • Power Pole
  • Hiking
  • Kayaking
  • Group Development
  • Waterfront
  • Back Country Tryolean
  • Caving
  • Rappelling
  • Pecos River Trip

Sample Day

Each group that participates in Wilderness Groups is able to tailor the experience to meet the needs of the group members. No two schedules are the same. In fact, backpacking is just one aspect of life on trail. During other one-of-a-kind activities campers may find themselves on the cliff, in the river, in caves, and scattered throughout the backcountry. Each day is unique, yet campers can expect these types of activities along the way.

  • Backpacking/Camping
  • Group development
  • Backcountry activities
  • Survival skills
  • Surprise adventure


The Wilderness Groups program is especially suited for high school, college age students and leadership groups. There are three tracks:


Going on trail is the perfect way to leave distractions behind and focus on God’s purpose and community. On trail, students come out of their shells simply because the routines of daily life won't fit in a backpack. The trail brings out the true self, enabling students to grow while becoming a part of group community and working together while experiencing the relationship of Biblical truths to real life.


Trail is is the classic backcountry experience. While completely customized to each group, there are certain activities all groups share in common. Most groups spend the first night at the Wilderness Base Camp where the group prepares their gear as well as hearts for the adventure ahead. During the remainder of the trip the group will be on trail backpacking through the Camp Eagle backcountry. Throughout each day, activities are planned for specific purposes and growth. At the end of the trail, groups can celebrate with a splash at the waterfront, kicking back at the coffee shop and dressing up for a homemade meal at Mi Casa. This trip is especially suited for high school campers and leadership groups.

1-8 nights
Min. group = 5 people

  • Price: (per person)
  • 1 Night - $90
  • 2 Nights - $150
  • 3 Nights - $210
  • 4 Nights - $280
  • 5 Nights - $350
  • 6 Nights - $420
  • 7 Nights - $440
  • 8 Nights - $470

30% of the total registration

Summer Cancellation Policy

Non-Summer Cancellation Policy


Similar to being on trail, River Trip group members rely on each other to brave the rapids and paddle the distance. The river offers a surreal experience; all the adventure and challenge of the wilderness, but trading dirt for water, and boots for sandals.


This popular track offers refreshing trips down the Pecos River. Groups load all the gear into boats and paddle down the river, camping along the way. The rapids, deep waters and paddling provide a balance of intensity and relaxation, creating a powerful summer experience that can be used to develop and deepen both groups and individuals. River trips are great for older groups or as a sequenced step up from backpacking. River Trips begin and end with a celebration comprised of a fancy meal and classic Camp Eagle fun.

4-8 nights
Min. group = 7 people
(ages 14 and up)

  • Price: (per person)
  • 4 Nights - $385
  • 5 Nights - $447
  • 6 Nights - $515
  • 7 Nights - $550
  • 8 Nights - $580

30% of the total registration

Cancellation Policy

Base Camp

Base Camp trips are a strategic way to bring groups of students to Camp Eagle for a shorter and cheaper stay. The net result is a rustic hybrid of Wilderness Groups and Church Camp. This track has the adventure and fun of Camp Eagle without the commitment to a full week or sacrificing a mattress each night.


Base Camp trips are great for weekends or up to 4-night stays. Groups experience all the awesome Wilderness activities but without all the camping. With most meals at Mi Casa, bathrooms, showers, and a bed to sleep in, this is a great option for groups who want a taste of the Wilderness experience. It is also a great way to have an abbreviated summer camp or retreat in a more secluded environment. Trips are customized for each individual group and all the Wilderness Groups activities are available.

1-4 nights
Min. group = 10 people

  • Price: (per person)
  • 1 Night - $90
  • 2 Nights - $150
  • 3 Nights - $210
  • 4 Nights - $280

30% of the total registration

Summer Cancellation Policy

Non-Summer Cancellation Policy


Backpacking and hiking in Texas may not be well known, but Competitor magazine declared Camp Eagle as "Texas' best adventure destination." With 1400 acres of rugged Hill Country along with natural caves, a quarter mile of 150' tall limestone, and 1.5 miles of the crystal clear Nueces River, Camp Eagle has more natural resources jammed into one space than most camps across the nation.


Wilderness operates out of "Base Camp" where gear, provisions and showers are found. At Wilderness, sleeping under the stars is standard practice, but tents and hammocks aren’t the only places to catch shut-eye. Screened cabins and 12-bunk log cabins are lodging options while not on trail. Refresh from the dusty trail at the bathhouse and chow down a home-style meal at Mi Casa, the central hangout for Wilderness participants.


Camp Eagle hires college students from all over the country to lead camp each summer. The application process consists of a detailed questionnaire, multiple references, interviews, and background checks. In searching for the staff God would have lead your students, certain qualifications are sought. A passion for Christ and alignment with the Camp Eagle mission for Christ-like change are top priority. The staff hired enjoy students, the outdoors and want to see God change lives through summer camp experiences.


Your Trip

Camp Eagle takes time to learn about each group and individual adventures are tailored suit. To accomplish this, two needs assessment forms help gather the groups goals. Both leaders and individuals fill out an assessment.

Step 1: Leader Assessment

After initial conversations, a group needs assessment will need to be completed. This is the main form that helps determine your groups personality and goals.

The most important questions asked is, "How would you define success if you got everything you wanted out of your experience?" It's important for the group leader to know why they're bringing their group on a Wilderness trip so the right foundation is laid for reaching the group goals.

Step 2: Participant Assessment

Campers will fill out an individual needs assessment and submit it online. This gives additional information about each participant and their attitude about coming.

Step 3: Plan the Adventure

As the trip date approaches the expressed needs from the leader and participants are evaluated and a specific plan is formulated to meet those needs. Planning the adventure involves the guides who will lead the trip and the Wilderness Groups director. A skeleton schedule is created with activities, Bible studies, and experiences base on the groups' desire.

Step 4: Approve the Plan

Finally, the group leader and the Wilderness Groups director adjust and approve the final trip plan. To confirm the plan, the group leader will review the schedule before camp and on arrival day. To maintain an element of adventure, the schedule is not generally shared with the participants, but the leaders are an intrigal part of the inside process.

To get started contact the Wilderness Groups director.

Needs Assessment

Every person coming on Wilderness Groups trip should fill out the online needs assessment.


Is Wilderness Groups just a summer program?
No, while the majority of Wilderness Groups trips happen in the summer, other trips are offered throughout the year.

Who can do Wilderness Groups?
Anyone twelve years of age or older who is physically capable of carrying a backpack can participate in Wilderness Groups. Although trips are physically demanding, they can be customized to meet individual needs. 14 is the minimum age for River Trips. Both the Trail and River trips are best suited for high school age students and older.

Can I bring a group to Church Camp and Wilderness Groups at the same time?
Yes, in fact that's a great idea. This is a great way to challenge and keep juniors and seniors involved in your group. Some groups split their junior high and senior high between Church Camp and Wilderness Groups while others simply send the seniors to Wilderness Groups as the rest of the group is at Church Camp. The two camp experiences are different enough to encourage participation, yet with similar teaching in both programs, students can relate to the others' experiences.

How much gear do you provide?
All the backpacking, camping, and river gear needed will be supplied by Wilderness Camp. That is: Tents, backpacks, cooking equipment, sleeping pad, etc. Just bring clothing, a sleeping bag, rain gear, and whatever else is needed on an overnight trip. Money is not necessary, however, there will be opportunities to visit all three Camp Eagle retail sites where food food, drinks, and Camp Eagle apparel are sold at the expense of each camper. Cash and credit cards accepted.

What if some of my students drop out at the last second?
Every Wilderness Groups contract states: "If the actual number of participants should fall below our number of reservations, we agree to pay 80% of the per person price on each unfilled reservation." However, if group leaders have open communication with the camp director throughout the signup process, and the months and weeks leading up to your trip date, grace will be extended and groups will only be charged for the campers that participate.

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