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Code of Conduct


Camper Code of Conduct will be covered in a sensitive and age appropriate manner during camp orientation. Our purpose in maintaining this code of conduct is to  show that we are all here to build each other up and encourage one another in love at all times. As such, the following behaviors are not allowed at Camp Eagle. If observed, campers are required to notify the camp director or a staff member immediately: ­
  • Use or Possession of Alcohol, Drugs, or Tobacco
  • Sexual Behavior ­of any kind
  • Self­-Mutilation
  • Eating Disorders ­
  • Stealing or Lying ­
  • Profanity ­or Inappropriate Language or Conversation ­
  • Negative or Disrespectful Attitudes
  • Skipping Activities or Sessions ­
  • Bullying, Physical Abuse or Sexual Abuse  ­
  • Contraband Use or Possession
  • Gossip ­or verbal abuse
  • Keeping medications ­or failure to turn in or report medication
Abusive Behavior and Defiant Disobedience  Abusive behavior and defiant disobedience will NOT be tolerated and will be potential grounds for dismissal. This includes abusive behavior to self (drugs, alcohol, eating disorders, and self-­mutilation) or to others (bullying, fighting, and verbal abuse). If abusive behavior or defiant disobedience becomes apparent, please notify the camp director or a staff member immediately. Sexual Misconduct or Abuse  Sexual misconduct or abuse will not be tolerated. Sexual misconduct or abuse will be grounds for dismissal and will require a meeting with the Director and notification of the Executive Director and Parents. If you observe sexual misconduct or abuse occurring, please notify the camp director or a staff member immediately. Relationships  Camp Eagle does not allow physical relationships between minors. All staff members will remain alert and vigilant for any signs of inappropriate conduct between minors. Youth of the opposite sex are not allowed to be alone together.  Youth Campers are expected to not engage in sexual touching of any kind. ­Do your best to avoid and do not initiate: kissing, frontal hugs, holding hands, back rubs, tickling, etc. No bullying, physical abuse or verbal harassment of any kind.