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There are so many stories to tell, but this is my favorite. This past summer was my 8th summer out at Camp Eagle. I was never into the the opening up idea, letting people in, or being able to enjoy my time at camp like Service Team 2018. This summer was the first summer that I was able to really get close to God and get close to the people around me. I opened up to one counselor, and our friendship continued to grow. On one of my last nights there, I decided to join group camp with their evening experience. I had been the week before, but I felt like I was going because my friends were going, so this time I went open minded and absolutely loved it. I opened myself up then and there.
My last day there after packing all of my stuff into the back of the truck, I went upstairs, made sure all my stuff was packed and nothing was left behind. I then walked downstairs, chacos in hand, ready to say good-bye. I entered my cabin, spotted my mentor, and walked over to her crying. I had never cried leaving camp. After a few minutes, a group of us walked up to Mi Casa and had church. It hit me that after I walked down to the office, that was it for summer 2018. Once church ended, I said good-bye to those that I knew and began walking down to main camp. As I went, tears were streaming down my face, memories from the past few weeks filled my spirit with joy. This camp has down so much for me. It has brought me back to my faith, forgive my father of his wrongs, and to keep my head held high. Now I am ready for Summer 2019, and I hope to have the same experience again!