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Camp Eagle had countless positive effects on my life. I cherished every second I was there and I can’t wait to return but the memory that has changed my life the most was the night by the campfire.
Earlier that day we were asked to collect rocks as we sinned, to feel the weight that our sins brought down upon us. Later than night we constructed a boat and put all of our rocks in it. It didn’t take us long to realize our boat was sinking very quickly. The analogy was clear, our sins can keep us from God if we let them. We made our way to the campfires after that. Our counselors talked to us and asked us to reflect upon our sins. We talked and confessed our sins. Everyone cried and it was the moment that I really felt closest to my group. I had lost my connection with God over the last few years and this moment by the campfire was life changing. I felt closer than ever to my new friends and I felt ready to work on my relationship with God. Camp eagle was life changing, not only did it open my eyes to the beauty of nature and the world God created, but it also helped me to forgive myself and create a stronger relationship with God. I made friends who I still keep in contact with 6 months later. In a way I feel like I was meant to end up at Camp Eagle but even if it was purely a coincidence I am still so grateful for this camp and everything that it has taught me.