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“Jesus brings it home”. Those words still resonate in my mind till this day. I’ve never felt more closer to God than in Rocksprings, Texas. I have never really understood what kingdom I was building, but Camp Eagle changed everything. From the day I walked out of that bus, I knew I was accepted by God, I knew I needed to do the salvation for The Lord. I wish I could relive those 5 days, everyday. I would say the most craziest, adventurous thing was doing the Zip 3000. It was the most nerve racking thing I have ever done, but I knew through God I could do all things. But from August 5, 2016 and forth on, I will seek first the kingdom, but not any kingdom, His kingdom. I would say the most influential thing in Camp Eagle was the worship by The Hardcastles, they had absolutely phenomenal songs. I truly miss Camp Eagle each and every day.