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This past year at Camp Eagle was a life changer. When I went to camp one thing was on my mind: how to make my mom happy, she was a track coach and she ran in college. I love to run but not competitively. I had asked God to help me with this small dilemma, and He did!! On the first day of camp you pull in and the counselors go crazy (which is awesome). You then meet you counselors, our counselors were Maddie and Sarah. When I asked Sarah what she did outside of being a counselor at camp she responded “I am a track coach.” My heart stoped. God had put Sarah in my life to help me with the one problem I was having at that time. The second day after going kayaking I asked if I could speak to Sarah alone. I had a good cry session with her and she helped me a lot. When I went home I took what Sarah had told me and put it into play. I told my mom it was not my passion to run competitively and she understood. To be honest all I needed was the confidence to do it and my Camp Eagle counselor Sarah helped me do it. I love Camp Eagle so much and look forward to it every summer it is truly life changing!