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I have gone to Camp Eagle since I was 10 and always loved it. But the experience that stands out to me most happened in 2016. I was going into eighth grade and really struggling with anxiety and depression. My relationship with God was practically non-existent and I was so tired without Him to guide me. I was done, my last few weeks of summer were drawing to an end and then I planned to kill myself. I had no hope. Then I met Seth, my camp counselor. From the first day we had an unexplainable connection . He knew the pain and raw emotion I was feeling and shared his story. One of healing and trusting God when he was broken. He told me how with the help of faith he became whole. I needed Seth in my life and God put him there, I think God was telling me to stay. Throughout the week we shared life experiences. I was beginning to understand why many of my friends loved learning of God. Together we threw away the blades I used to selfharm. On the last day of camp I couldn’t let go of Seth, I cried and whispered in his ear that he had saved my life. This complete stranger knew just what I needed. As I navigated my way through my new life as a believer in Christ I struggled still. There were good and bad days but so much happened that I would have missed had I taken my life. I became a 4th time aunt and developed a passion for special needs kids. But in 2017, things started to get a little rough, and once again God new just what I needed. That summer at Camp Eagle I had an amazing time, but couldn’t find Seth. On the 3rd day he showed up visiting old friends, it just happened to be the week I was there. He remembered me and we got to catch up. Seth told me he prayed for me all year and that I had changed his life for the better. Not a day goes by where I don’t remember the strength and courage he gave me. I haven’t seen him since. I never got his full name, number, anything. Without Seth I wouldn’t be here today, or have faith in God.