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What We Expect From Our Partners

We believe our partnership with the church is crucial for making the greatest impact on lives. With this partnership we have certain expectations of the church, just as we expect you to have certain expectations of us.


We contract a week of camp at 120 kids/week, however it will be up to the church to draw interest from the children and get them signed up. We will provide marketing brochures, posters, handouts, etc., to the church, as well as the registration system and registration staff. It will be the responsibility of the church to make sure the minimum number of campers is met. Your City Camp coordinator will be in touch weekly to ask for updates on your attendance numbers. If for some reason you are unable to meet your minimum or if you believe you are going to go over your number of attendees, please communicate this to your City Camp coordinator.


We want every person to be able to experience camp despite any financial hardship or status. We will dedicate 10 scholarships to each week of camp, but in return, we ask the church to raise the funds to scholarship 10 kids as well. This will allow a total of 20 kids to come to camp who would not normally be able to afford it. These scholarships will be given at the church’s discretion, and it will be up to the church to get the scholarship recipients signed up.


We ask that you assign one contact from your committee to work with your City Camp coordinator. This contact will communicate on a regular basis with the coordinator to ensure all registration is complete, all pre-camp contact has been made, all housing and lunch accommodations for staff have been made, and that there is a follow-up procedure in place for after camp.

Host Homes

Our staff will be staying with host families in groups of three or more per home, divided up by gender. The counselors will be very tired by the end of the day so having a warm and welcoming home to come to at day’s end will help them rejuvenate for the next day! Our staff will eat dinner with the host families on Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, and Friday. The counselors will have a staff night on Sunday and Wednesday and on Thursday they will serve the host families in a pool party type setting! A small breakfast, granola bars, and pop tarts, will also be asked of the families every morning so the counselors can start their day off right! If you have questions regarding the Host-Home program, please feel free to email us at:


We ask that the church provide Camp Eagle a certificate of insurance evidencing Commercial General Liability, naming Camp Eagle as an additional insured.


We ask that the church provide a meal for our staff for every lunch of the week except Saturday, starting the Sunday before camp starts until the last day of camp, which is Friday. This lunch does not need to be anything over-the-top – sandwiches, pizza, etc., will suffice.

Volunteers & Medical Staff

We ask that the church provide someone each day, Monday-Friday, to act as the day time camp nurse, accepting medication, taking care of minor injuries and just being around for any sickness or illnesses that may arise. It doesn’t need to be the same person everyday, but can be. Camp will provide a person to work alongside this individual to give any instructions necessary about camper details and how camp operates.


We ask that the church provide space for us to set up camp every day of the week. We need a large outdoor area to set-up outdoor activities – this can be a recreational field, a lawn, parking lot or an area with hook-ups to water hoses and electricity so we can run all the activities efficiently and effectively. We also need a large indoor area like a gymnasium, auditorium with removal seating or something with a large space for kids to run around on occasion for rainy days and general curriculum use. We will also need 3-4 small classrooms for break-out rooms. All of these spaces can be broken down every evening for the church’s use, however if they are not needed, we ask that we would be able to keep our programming tools up for the night. The spaces will need to be available starting at 7:00 a.m. every morning and will be taken down by 5:30 p.m. every day, Monday-Friday.


You will have a follow-up plan in place as a way of giving campers and their families the opportunity to connect back to your church or a nearby church if they do not already have a church home. We will leave you with all the information that we have gathered during camp with the hope that you would welcome new faces into your church and foster the growth of those who made commitments to Christ.

Our Commitment

We understand this is a large undertaking, but we commit to being there by your side every step of the way. We will provide a qualified staff member to assist you through the planning, marketing and registration. They will be available by phone and email throughout the entire planning process. We will also plan an on-site visit well before summer to help plan out the usage of space in order to run camp. This on-site visit will include meeting with church leadership to build relationships as well as discuss details and answer questions face-to-face. We commit to providing a Christ-centered environment for your children and students as well as quality programming to encourage each child to grow closer to the Lord. We commit to working to make this a pleasant experience for everyone involved, including church leadership, parents, campers and host home families. We hope you’ll choose to partner with us in this endeavor.