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Summer Camp

Teen Adventure

Ideal for: Teens   |   Grades: Rising 8th – 12th   |   Dates: June 6 – July 24, 2021

Adventure is here. Come and get it!

Find yourself. Test your limits. Reach for new heights like never before.

Summer Camp is an outrageously fun 6 day experience where teens come seeking adventure and leave with a head full of memories, a heart full of life-changing insights from His Word… and maybe a few proud battle scars to prove it all happened.

Where memories are made that last forever.

Summer Camp is super fun! It’s where teens gather for unbridled fun and real outdoor adventures. No phones. No devices. No wifi in these woods. But we guarantee you’ll find a better connection. It’s a place where lifetime memories are made, where life-changing insights are found in the Word of God, and bonds are formed with friends you’ll never forget. Not to mention learning some seriously refined marshmallow toasting techniques. It can also be a challenge – physically, spiritually and emotionally. It’s a place where you can find yourself, test your limits, and reach for new heights like never before. Five different activity tracks let you choose adventures best suited to your tastes and skills. It’s a place and a people you’ll love… and miss when it’s over. And that something will remind you of every day… until you come back next year.

Rides To Camp

To help make things convenient for parents, we offer shuttles from Houston to Camp Eagle, and from San Antonio to Camp Eagle. Find locations, pricing and drop-off/pick-up times below.

Bike Weeks

Come and ride bikes with us! Spend a week in our Mountain Bike specific weeks and learn bike technique like: stance in different circumstances, body positioning, turning – berms/off camber, braking, climbing, descending, technical terrain, building endurance, bike maintenance, and physical care.

Twice the Adventure

Don’t want the fun to end after just one week? Twice the Adventure campers get the special opportunity to partner with our Wilderness program to spend a second week at Camp experiencing the great outdoors from a new perspective. Campers under the age of 14 will backpack around our 1400 acre property exploring campsites and places they’ve never been before, while campers over the age of 14 will paddle down the beautiful and rugged Pecos River. 

Adventure Activities


Bomb the Blob!

Rock Climbing


Mountain Bikes

BMX Park

Underground Maze

Paddle Boarding

Ore Chute Slide

Luau Waterfront

Super Swing

Crate Stacking

Arrow Tag


Power Pole

Field Games

Ga-Ga Ball


Millhouse Obstacle Course

Sand Volleyball



Camp Store


Coffee Shop

Skeet Shooting

Eagle Cave


Shooting Range

Hatchet Throwing

Bouldering Wall

Hammock Hang Time

Redneck Paintball

Zip 3K

Zip 850

Waterfront Decks



Outdoor Dodgeball


Swim in our spring-fed Nueces river and experience the blob, our waterslides, zip line, and much more. A fun reprieve on a hot afternoon! Lifeguards are required for all waterfront activities.

Bomb the Blob!

Climb. Leap! Plop! Launch! Whoa! Splash! Climb. Leap! Plop! Launch! Whoa! Splash! Repeat again and again until we wear 'em out.

Rock Climbing

If you're a thrill seeker who'd like to feel a little "boulder", we accommodate all skill levels in many different climbing styles. For those about to rock, we salute you!


No need to peddle! Hop on a mountain scooter and let gravity do the work as you roll over one of the many trails of Camp Eagle!

Mountain Bikes

Hop on and go for a spin that will leave you breathless in more ways than one. When you experience a mountainside ride, you'll know what we mean.

BMX Park

Take a chain-grinding, quad-shredding lap or two around our wicked dirt tracks, bust out a few of those moves you practiced, and soar to glory.

Underground Maze

Ever been in an abandoned mine? Take your friends and a glow stick or two and find your way through the labyrinth of tunnels in our underground maze. Knock on the walls to find the secret door, or slide down the shaft into a new room! How fast can you and your team get through the maze?

Paddle Boarding

Okay, we don't have waves, but make your own as you battle it out for the last man standing on our paddle boards!

Ore Chute Slide

Saddle up and slide through the ore chute at our Nueces Canyon Mine!

Luau Waterfront

Swim in our spring-fed Nueces river and experience the blob, our waterslides, zip line, and much more. A fun reprieve on a hot afternoon! Lifeguards are required for all waterfront activities.

Super Swing

With full-body harnesses and an entire team required to run this swing, there's a reason we call it "super!" Experience the biggest swing here at Camp Eagle.

Crate Stacking

You've never stacked anything like this. Ever. It takes nerve, balance and a lot of patience to build a tower this high. Stand on top without tumbling for the win.

Arrow TAG

We are hunters, and adventure is our game. We are unstoppable, and you are our prey. Take aim and bring 'em down. Before they get you!


Thousands of acres and miles of trails through God's beautiful creation. Explore the trails and experience vistas that will take your breath away.

Power Pole

Have you ever made a real leap of faith? Try jumping from a cliff-side platform overlooking the river valley 85 feet below to catch the elusive trapeze bar while your group encourages you on and works together to safely belay you back to the cliff side.

Field Games

Guaranteed to break the ice. This is camp-olympics! From scavenger hunts to more inventive contests, you're sure to make a few new friends along the way.

Ga-Ga Ball

Ga-ga wha? Trust us, it's not for babies. Part dodge ball, part tag and part king of the hill, it takes action to another level. Stay with it. Rule the octagon!


Test your paddling skills in either a single or tandem kayak! Race from dam to dam! or just play bumper cars with those silly sup boarders!

Millhouse Obstacle Course

There's no easing into this, so jump right in! From there, you're climbing through our bouncy crash course. You'll love ducking, diving, and dodging to the end.

Sand Volleyball

Bring it on. Serve it up. Spike, slam, wham, attack - Let your competitive spirit take over. You'll need it. Dig, set, spin, spike! Leave the campfire for day's end.


Your heart pounds as you overcome your nerves and step off the cliff. What were you thinking? Total focus. Step by step. Now you're down, confident. Again!


There's nothing better than a game of hoops. Pick up moves with other campers from around the country, or take 'em to school like you do at home.

Camp Store

Make sure everyone knows you were at Camp Eagle and reward yourself with a Camp Eagle souvenir after a day of accomplishments! There’s a plethora of shirts, hats, water bottles, and other cool souvenirs to choose from. The camp store needs to be scheduled in advance of your retreat so we can make sure it’s available and staffed for you.


They say a bad day of fishing is better than a good day at school. Catch a bass from our spring fed river and fry it up on the bank and you'll know what it means.

Coffee Shop

Our coffee shop is a great place to unwind, play games, and build community. Frappes, specialty sodas, ice cream, candy, and other snacks make up the many offerings on our menu. Be sure to schedule the Coffee shop in advance of your retreat so we can make sure it’s available and staffed for you!

Skeet Shooting

A classic; we’ve got the clays, the trap thrower, the range, and the shotguns & ammo. You group brings their marksmanship and competitiveness! You may also bring your own shotgun, but please don’t bring any ammunition. Ammunition and clay costs are added to your invoice.

Eagle Cave

Our guides can lead your group to our actual limestone cave, Eagle Cave, to explore a little-known world down below. If you’re brave enough, squeeze through the cracks to see the elusive second room in the cave.


There is not much light pollution in the middle of nowhere and that's only one of the reasons we are happy to be here! Catch a glimpse of God's glory in the Camp Eagle night sky!

Shooting Range

Practice your marksmanship with our bolt action .22's....or just take a shot because we're in Texas!

Hatchet Throwing

Brush up on your woodsman skills with this activity! Can you hit the bullseye?

Bouldering Wall

Brand new to rock climbing? These colorful blocks are just right for learning the basics and getting the 'hang' of climbing without getting too far off the ground.

Hammock Hang Time

There are plenty of places around camp to relax. Stake a claim at one of the many hammocks that are open for grabs. Breath in the fresh air. Now exhale.

Redneck Paintball

Think paintball with slingshots. Don't let the name fool you, your neck is well protected. Your pride, however, is not. Think fast! They come at you from all sides.

Zip 3K

The biggest zip line at Camp Eagle! From the top of our zip tower at one of the highest points in the area, fly across the beautiful Texas hill country at up to 55 mph. The views are legendary!

Zip 850

Here’s your opportunity to soar down our flagship dual 850-foot zip lines at up to 30 mph! Our most accessible zip line, it’s a great activity for all ages. This activity is a solid night option as well.

Waterfront Decks

Water you waiting for? Take a dip and a drop from any one of our numerous decks rigged with ropes, slides, blobs and more. Look out below, and bombs away!


Need a refreshing dip in the river? Don't bother with the stairs, start from the top and slip and slide into the beautiful Nueces River!


Is camp not "camp" enough for you? We've got just the thing. It's authentic camping in real wilderness surroundings. The stars never looked prettier.

Outdoor Dodgeball

There's nothing like the unmistakable tread of a new red dodgeball. It provides good grip. And a recognizable pattern on the side of your face. Respect the ball!



the Greatest Encore to the Greatest Show has yet to happen...




Sunk in sin, salvaged by Jesus..




the One who sustains, the One who give eternal life!




Dive straight into the issues and meaning of the word HOME.



The Throne

Our God and King, the one who sits on The Throne.




Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in your law.



Family Community



Consider It











Camp Features

Some of the things that make Camp Eagle such a special place.

A Typical Day At Camp


7:30 AM

Rise & Shine

8 AM

Breakfast! Yumm!

9 AM

Morning Chaos! Yeahhh!

10 AM

Adventure Activity #1 – Go For It!


Lunch – Chow Down!

1 PM

Cabin Rest Time. Snooze!

2 PM

Adventure Activity – Take the Plunge!

4 PM

Adventure Activity #3 – Get After It!

7 PM

Dinner! Yay! We’re Starving!

8 PM

Evening Experience. Always Amazing!

10 PM

Wind Down. Lights Out. Zzzzzzz!

Summer Camper’s Testimonial

All feedback was so positive. I could feel the counselor's love and dedication to delivering a great message through Barron's stories. Sounded like a perfect mix of Jesus' message and silliness wrapped up for every kid to stay focused and engaged. Warmed my heart....

Tony Ortega’s Testimonial

I came into Camp Eagle with my eyes closed and I'm leaving camp with my eyes wide open. Tony Ortega - Summer Camp 2014  

Seth McLaney’s Testimonial

Honestly, I hardly know faith now, but what I do know is now I believe in this God and his Son who died for our sins! This camp is the best thing that has happened to me so far in my life. It's insane to me that a depressed atheist could change into a happy believer...

Jason Villa’s Testimonial

If God is with us, who can challenge us. His amazing miracles never seem to stop amazing me. When God tells me to do something, I will drop everything and do it. I am, and forever will be a child of God, the on True King. Jason Villa - Summer Camp 2014  

Julie Aulner’s Testimonial

My daughter had had negative experiences at other Christian camps. She loved everything about Camp Eagle and still, three days later is talking about all that she did and all that she learned! Julie Aulner - Summer Camp 2017  

Lori Ann Landin’s Testimonial

My son loved his camp counselors. He thought they were very cool. They gave him the faith award at the end of camp for wanting to take Christ back to his home and school and to continue his growth. Lori Ann Landin - Summer Camp 2017  

Leah Montanez’s Testimonial

Every time my child leaves Camp Eagle he comes home changed. He is more receptive and just has a new glow to him. He loves it and we hope to continue camp every year. Leah Montanez - Summer Camp 2017  

Dana Martin’s Testimonial

Both of my children have shared with me different things that they learned while at camp. I love that the lessons came home with them, that they did not leave them there. Dana Martin - Summer Camp 2017  

Elizabeth Anne Wrase’s Testimonial

We weren't sure if Luke would enjoy camp and I am so glad we pushed him to go. He loved it, says he misses it, and we have already preregistered him for next summer. He is a quiet child by nature and I appreciate the staff acknowledging Luke's personality and working...
Asset 7


Enthusiastic. Energetic. Inspiring. And SUPER Fun.

Our staff is made up of a bunch of really fun, friendly people who are also super serious about providing you with the best camp experience ever. Each day they demonstrate their passion for serving Jesus Christ through leading by example and with a cheerful demeanor.

Hunter Hughes

Interim Summer Camp Director

Our staff members are recruited based on their:

Personality & Ability

Passion for Teaching

Servant's Heart

Relationship With Christ

Qualifications & Skills

Education & Training

Getting ready for camp.

Here’s your field guide for ultimate Summer Camp preparedness.


Everything You Need to Know +

Everything You Need to Know –

Preparing Your Camper(s)

We’ve packed a lot of info in here so your campers can be fully prepared for their camp adventure. Still have questions? Contact us directly.


Summer Camp Lodging

Climate-controlled yurts with decks overlooking the river. They have bathhouses right next door and are staffed by 2 counselors each.


What to Bring

Toothbrush? Check. Shorts and T-Shirts. Check. Swimsuits? Double-check. Here’s a complete list of stuff to bring with you to camp.


What not to Bring

Not to be a downer, but this is camp, baby! Enjoy it. Here’s your list of items to leave at home. Yes, cell phones are on it.


Getting To Camp

Camp Eagle is located at 6424 Hackberry Rd, Rocksprings, TX 78880. For directions click the "MAP" button below.


Luggage Limit

You don’t have to go minimalist, but who wants a bunch of stuff to keep track of? Pack light for a stress-free camp experience.

Arrival & Departure

Arrive Sunday at 4:00 pm for Opening Day onboarding. Return on Saturday by 8:30 am for Closing Day activities and to sign out your camper.

Health and Safety

The spiritual, physical, and emotional well being of every camper is our top priority. We’re here to fulfill all their safety and nutritional needs.


Roommate Requests

Camp is a place to make new friends. But if you prefer to hang with your BFF’s, you can request a roommate using your online account.

Call for more info

Camp Credit & Squirrel Bags

Deposit funds for the purchase of snacks or merchandise, or pre-order a “Squirrel Bag” filled with goodies and gear for your camper.

Email, Mail & Packages

Campers LOVE to get mail! You can leave it with us when you drop off your camper. Or mail it, but just remember to send it a week ahead.

Activity Upgrades

There are way more adventures to experience at camp than can be done in a week. But if your adrenaline isn’t rushing quite fast enough visit.


Payment Policies

Payments for Summer Camp can be handled in a number of ways. Review our options and policies BEFORE registering for camp.


Code of Conduct

We’re here to have fun, build each other up and encourage others in love! But there are a few behaviors that just won’t fly at Camp Eagle.


Cell Phones / Devices Policy

There is no app for this. Stop, listen and look around. Nature is amazing! Enjoy it while you can. Please leave your cell phones and devices at home.

In Case of Emergency

We want kids to establish their independence. But if there’s a home emergency, contact the camp Director and we’ll arrange a call.

Contact Camp Director

Dates & Rates

Click on the desired session to register your camper.

2021 SessionsLengthDatesRatesStatusRegister
Session 17-DayJune 6-12, 2021$800/camperOPEN SIGN UP
Session 27-DayJune 13-19, 2021$800/camperRESERVED--
Session 37-DayJune 20 - 26, 2021$800/camperOPEN SIGN UP
Bike Week 16-DayJune 20 - 26, 2021$686/camperOPEN SIGN UP
Session 47-DayJune 27 - July 3, 2021$800/camperOPEN SIGN UP
Bike Week 26-DayJuly 5-10, 2021$686/camperOPEN SIGN UP
Session 67-DayJuly 11-17, 2021$800/camperOPEN SIGN UP
Session 77-DayJuly 18-24, 2021$800/camperOPEN SIGN UP
Twice the Adventure14-DayJuly 11-24, 2021$1600/camperFULL--

Do you have questions about Registration? Watch this video!

Did your family attend a Camp Eagle Retreat during the 2019-2020 season? You may qualify to save 30% on your Individual Camp Registration! Reach out to Jesse Espinosa to verify your attendance & activate your discount. Email



Bass Pro Shop – Katy Mills
5000 Katy Mills Cir Suite 415
Katy, TX 77494


  • 8:30am Pick Up
  • $10 for Lunch (We will stop on the way to camp)
  • Cost $150/camper

San Antonio


Bass Pro Shop – The Rim
17907 I-10
San Antonio, TX 78257


  • 1:00pm Pick Up
  • Please feed campers before they arrive
  • Cost $75/camper

Payment Policy

  • Full payment is preferred at the time of registration
  • The following payment plans are available (all payments due prior to week of camp):
    • Full Payment upon Registration.
    • Monthly Payments until Balance is paid in full.
    • Three Even Payments until Balance is paid in full.
    • Custom Payment Options.
  • ALL PAYMENTS MADE ARE NON-REFUNDABLE for reservations abandoned with no advance notice.
  • Need Help? Don’t let finances get in the way of sending your child to camp!  Scholarship applications located HERE.

If you have questions please contact

Support Camp Eagle

Four ways you can help