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Climate & Conditions

Competitor magazine declared Camp Eagle “Texas’ best adventure destination.” It’s no surprise with 1,400 acres of rugged Hill Country along with natural caves, a quarter mile of 150′ limestone cliffs, and 1.5 miles of the crystal clear Nueces River. That’s more natural resources jammed into one space than most camps across the nation can claim.

Temperatures can range from the 40’s overnight (depending upon time of year and elevation of campsite) to the 100’s mid-day. Because of these potential low temperatures at night, we recommend a warmer sleeping bag (25-30 degree is optimal) while still being able to compress so that it does not take up too much space in your pack.

Rain comes and goes in the summer, so a rain jacket is required, and rain pants and broken in waterproof footwear are preferable. Non-cotton socks are a must to keep your feet dry, especially when sleeping.

We will be hiking in rocky terrain, so high top waterproof boots are the preferred footwear because of the ankle support. Please only bring boots/trail shoes that are broken in to your feet. This means shoes that you, personally, have walked about 25 miles on them. Also, many students get along fine during the warm months in their old athletic shoes. Do not bring new shoes or borrowed hiking boots.