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Guide Course

15 Week Professional Guide and

Outdoor Ministry Training

Ideal for: Fit and Adventurous Individuals   |   Ages: 18 and Up   |   Dates: Fall: Aug-Nov / Spring: Jan-May

Not just a fun semester. An experience that could change your life.

This course is designed for persons who want to become outdoor adventure professionals for Christian wilderness camping ministries or other outdoor industries. It is a challenging commitment that will require some hard work. One that will yank you right out of your comfort zone, test the limits of your endurance, and in the end, deliver an exhilarating sense of accomplishment that comes with knowing you made it and from receiving an official professional certification that proves it.

Stand on the shoulders of giants.

Learning from the pros is one of the best ways to climb the mountain of success. And this course will give you a leg up, literally. We pack more wilderness experiences into a semester than you could ever have on your own. More access to the wild places of this country. More opportunities to lead others, to grow both personally and professionally, and to elevate your technical skill sets. More opportunities to learn from those who have mastered the skills and accomplished the goals that you have set for yourself – including professional certification. And we offer it all at a lower cost and in a lot less time than it would take if you did it on your own.

Course Objectives

  • Prepare qualified men and women for a career in outdoor Christian ministry
  • Offer them relevant hands-on experience in a wide variety of outdoor disciplines
  • Provide instruction and training by qualified professional guides and organizations
  • Help students obtain certifications that are meaningful in the industry
  • Develop students’ instructional skills and experience levels

Mission. Values. Goals.

The Guide Mindset

The guide mindset is essential in leading wilderness activities or training others. It is a specific way of thinking that is characterized by constant evaluation of risk, careful assessment of terrain, continual vigilance of those in your charge, expert balancing of goals versus risks, and the application of critical thinking skills across all activities. Guiding you to a point where you achieve this mindset will be the most valuable benefit you receive this semester.

Risk Management

This is a theme that goes into everyday of our courses. The students are constantly having guide meetings, identifying risk, weighing risk, coming up with ways to mitigate risk, discussing what risk is appropriate and what is inappropriate, and assessing risk in hindsight.

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking and applying skills across activities is a main objective of our courses which are designed to get students into a variety of terrain objectives with a variety of climates in mountains,  canyons, rivers, and more to give them the opportunity to apply principles and skills outside of the context they originally learned them. A true sign of skill mastery is the ability to choose the most appropriate skill and efficiently apply it at the right time. There is no substitute for having experience in a number of different types of terrain. Experience in varying terrain is a big contributor to good decision making in the backcountry. Quality decision making is the constant job of the guide.

Christian Ministry Focus

As Christians, the mission field is everywhere. Whether that is the middle of a city, the top of a mountain or the bottom of a canyon. Through this program we seek to raise up qualified and capable Christian men and women to live in vocational ministry in the outdoor industry. You have a passion for the outdoors and a desire to work in God’s creation for a reason. Paul was a tentmaker by trade, but his work was missions. As Christians, saved by God’s grace, we have a responsibility to be missionaries in the places God takes us, and that includes the outdoors.

Sharpening Technical Skills

Participants hone their technical skills or learn new ones across a variety of disciplines. Then systematically practice those skills with a goal of ultimately applying them in real world situations. To ensure a high level of knowledge retention, students’ skills and performance are regularly assessed  by instructors during the courses and in the certification exams.


We give students an overview to the history of our nation’s outdoor industry, from its very beginnings to the current state of affairs, along with information about influential people and  organizations who have impacted the wilderness areas of our nation. Students should have an understanding of the industry as a whole so they can apply their learning,  set goals and pursue objectives in ways that will help to preserve and protect the natural resources that God has given us, and leave a legacy for others to follow.

Learning Instructional Technique

It is one thing to learn technical skills, but it is another to be able to break those skills down and teach them to novices. Throughout our semesters we help students transform into teachers by incorporating multiple opportunities for participants to teach others and receive constructive feedback. We want students to leave this program more than just qualified outdoor recreationalists; we equip them to be instructors, educators and guides.

Course Components

Throughout our semesters participants will learn outdoor technical skills, risk evaluation and management, and the appropriate application of both. This is an ongoing process that is reflected in all the various learning components offered throughout our semesters.


Throughout our semesters participants will learn risk evaluation and management, technical skills, and the appropriate application of those skills. This is an ongoing process that is reflected in all the various learning components undertaken throughout our semesters.

Whitewater Guide Course

This section includes 8 full days of Whitewater guide training time on the river guiding technical class II-III rapids, swift water rescue training, an overnight commercial river trip, experience packing and rowing gear boats, and independently guiding multiple raft trips.

Backpacking Guide Course

7 – 10 days of expedition style backpacking where students learn about route selection, campsite selection, backpacking techniques and considerations, food planning, time management on trail, and gain experience guiding their peers under instructor supervision.

Canyoneering Guide Course

Multiple days spent descending technical slot canyons where participants will learn slot canyon specific technical skills including anchoring, movement techniques, rigging systems, risk management and navigation. We will also discuss canyoneering hazards and safety.

Rock Climbing Guide Course

Learn traditional climbing from the ground up during our intensive climbing ground school. After students demonstrate proficiency in their technical skills they are sequenced through mock leading in a top rope setting. After completing a number of practice leads students move on to lead traditional climbs of appropriate difficulty grades.

Map, Compass & Navigation Course

Participants learn about topographical maps, how they are constructed, and how to use them. We will also discuss the UTM coordinate system, the use of GPS devices and special considerations when using a map and GPS device together. The use of compasses, both with maps and on their own will also be covered in this section.

Expedition Planning Course

In this phase students will work together to create trip objectives, map route options, communicate with appropriate land managers to determine what conditions to expect in the field, research any location specific regulations, and be shown available resources to be used in mapping routes, navigating, and weather forecasting.

Instructional Technique Course

Participants are given multiple opportunities to teach their peers, as well as outside individuals, during the course, then receive peer and instructor feedback on their teaching performance. Additionally, students will learn to create lesson plans and how to deliver teaching topics and grow in their abilities as instructors and educators in the industry.

Assessment, Certifications and Teaching Opportunities

To ensure that students receive the most out of our courses, and that they are consistently progressing towards accomplishing the objectives of the program, we maintain a culture of continual assessment and evaluation of students and their skills through: 1. Post trip evaluations 2. One on one meetings with instructors 3. Periodic skill checks to ensure retention 4. Real life hands on teaching opportunities 5. One on one and post trip evaluations 6. Prompt feedback about their skills, abilities and performance. 7. Certification training courses and exams:

SOLO – Wilderness First Responder

Course/Exam: 72 to 80 hours

AMGA – Single Pitch Instructor

Course: 27 hours Exam: 16 hours

Leave No Trace Trainer

Course: 16 hours of field instruction

Red Cross – Lifeguard

Course: 30 hours of waterfront training

Red Cross – Lifeguard Instructor

Course: 18-20 hours of instructor training

Teaching Opportunities

Peer Teaching: 7 – 12 hours Client Teaching: 14 – 20 hours

Choosing Fall or Spring Semester

The Fall and Spring semester are composed of the same major training courses, trip types, and certifications. They also both place strong emphasis on the development of the wilderness guide mindset, developing instructional skill sets, and building each student’s wilderness experience base. However, they differ in ways such as trip locations and environmental and weather conditions during specific training courses. The choice of semester is usually a question of what works best for your goals and schedule.



  • Great opportunity for college students graduating in May to get experience, training, and certifications before seeking a career in the outdoor industry.
  • Backpacking will be done at higher elevation in the mountains of Northern New Mexico.
  • Perfect for graduating high school students to get experience and training, prior to starting college, which can open up great summer job possibilities.
  • Warmer weather in Northern New Mexico where the program is based.
  • College credit is available making it a viable option for current college students.


  • Lower flow levels on the Rio Grande lead to a more technical style of whitewater rafting and smaller water.
  • Course ends farther from the beginning of the summer guiding season.



  • Great opportunity for college students graduating in December to get experience, training, and certifications before seeking a career in the outdoor industry.
  • Course ends closer to the beginning of the summer guiding season when employers are looking for guides.
  • Higher flow levels on the Rio Grande lead to a more forgiving environment when learning whitewater rafting.
  • College credit is available making it a viable option for current college students.


  • Colder and wetter weather in Northern New Mexico where the program is based.

Everything You Need to Know +

Everything You Need to Know –

Climate & Conditions

Camp Eagle Wilderness activities take place in the Sangre de Cristo range of the Southern Rocky Mountains of northern New Mexico. Here are things you need to prepare for. More

Physical Demands

Wilderness adventures may require physical stamina and conditioning beyond what you are used to. Here are some tips on what to expect and how to condition your mind and body so you have an awesome experience. More

What to Bring

This is not your average camping trip and so the packing list is a bit different than our regular overnight camp. Pack thorough, but light, as you’ll be carrying these essential things with you as you hike. More

What not to Bring

Not to be a downer, but this is wilderness camp, baby! Off the grid. Enjoy it. Here’s your list of items to leave at home. Yep, cell phones are on it. You’ll have no use for them anyway. More

Getting To Camp

Camp Eagle is located at 6424 Hackberry Rd, Rocksprings, TX 78880. For directions click the "MAP" button below.


Participation Waivers

Our goal is to make camp as safe as possible. But adventure activities have inherent risks. Please review and acknowledge with your signature. AdultsMinors

Arrival & Departure

Upon acceptance into the Wilderness Guide Course, students will be given detailed arrival and departure instructions. For more information, please contact us. Email

Health and Safety

The spiritual, physical, and emotional well being of every camper is our top priority. We’re here to fulfill all their safety and nutritional needs. More

Financial Aid

We have a limited number of scholarships due to the generosity of donors who make it possible. If your camper is in need, please apply early. More

Code of Conduct

We’re here to have fun, build each other up and encourage others in love! But there are a few behaviors that just won’t fly at Camp Eagle. More

Email, Mail & Packages

Campers LOVE to get mail! You can leave it with us when you drop off your camper. Or mail it, but just remember to send it a week ahead.

In Case of Emergency

We want kids to establish their independence. But if there’s a home emergency, contact the camp Director and we’ll arrange a call.


Enthusiastic. Energetic. Inspiring. And SUPER Fun.

Our staff is made up of a bunch of really fun, friendly people who are also super serious about providing you with the best camp experience ever. Each day they demonstrate their passion for serving Jesus Christ through leading by example and with a cheerful demeanor.

Hunter Parrot

Professional Wilderness Guide Course
505-757-6161, Ext 733

Our staff members are recruited based on their:

Personality & Ability

Passion for Teaching

Servant's Heart

Relationship With Christ

Qualifications & Skills

Education & Training

Dates & Rates

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For any questions regarding Wilderness Guide or registration please contact:

Hunter Parrot: Email | 505-639-9717

Payment Policy

  • Payments plans are available. Contact our program director for details.
  • We work hard to have a few scholarship dollars available each semester. Donate to our Scholarship Fund.
  • We can help you find ways to raise funds and apply for grants. Financial Aid
  • If you have questions please contact Scott Chapman.

Tuition Includes:

  • Housing
  • Food
  • Training Cost
  • Certification courses and exams
  • Major group gear
  • All travel expenses during the course

Tuition Does Not Include:

  • Travel to and from the program
  • Required personal outdoor gear: (Estimated from $50 – $600)
  • Pocket money for activities on off days
  • Spending money for personal items
  • Personal recreation
  • Personal health insurance
  • Personal toiletries, bedding, laundry, etc.

The Craziest Blob Ever!

The craziest thing at Camp Eagle was definitely the Blob. I stepped up to the ledge in fear. My body was shaking and I did not know what to do. I heard people yelling "you can do it" and "believe in yourself"! I closed my eyes and just ran off the ledge. It felt so...

Jesus Brings it Home

“Jesus brings it home”. Those words still resonate in my mind till this day. I’ve never felt more closer to God than in Rocksprings, Texas. I have never really understood what kingdom I was building, but Camp Eagle changed everything. From the day I walked out of that...

Fireside Memories

Camp Eagle had countless positive effects on my life. I cherished every second I was there and I can’t wait to return but the memory that has changed my life the most was the night by the campfire. Earlier that day we were asked to collect rocks as we sinned, to feel...

Life Changer

This past year at Camp Eagle was a life changer. When I went to camp one thing was on my mind: how to make my mom happy, she was a track coach and she ran in college. I love to run but not competitively. I had asked God to help me with this small dilemma, and He did!!...

Starry Night of Worship

It was my second summer as Kids Pastor to take our fourth and fifth graders to summer camp at Camp Eagle. In this particular group was a child who had lost their younger sibling in a tragic accident three years prior. Along with many other struggles that this...

Saved by a Stranger

I have gone to Camp Eagle since I was 10 and always loved it. But the experience that stands out to me most happened in 2016. I was going into eighth grade and really struggling with anxiety and depression. My relationship with God was practically non-existent and I...

Best Summer Ever

There are so many stories to tell, but this is my favorite. This past summer was my 8th summer out at Camp Eagle. I was never into the the opening up idea, letting people in, or being able to enjoy my time at camp like Service Team 2018. This summer was the first...

A Call To Love

How to Participate: Below this section is a devotional to read. It has already been interpreted to the authors understanding and been applied to life in the way in which the Lord has laid it on their heart. However, we would like to invite you to participate in this...

Emily’s Story

"You are poured into by countless individuals that deeply desire to see personal and spiritual growth." - WA 2016-2017

Emily’s Story

"You learn things such as the importance of service and solitude. You learn to cherish those around you as well as those at home. In some ways you are stretched out of your comfort zone, which allows you to learn more about yourself, more about what you want your...

Emily’s Story

"The program is based on the idea of intentional discipleship, learning what it means to make your faith your own and use it as a tool to spread the Gospel to those around you. You are given the opportunity to form friendships completely centered on Christ." -WA...

Emily’s Story

"I could go on forever about all of the good things Walkabout did for me, but I will just say one more thing. This program is for people in all walks of life. Whether you are just out of high school, haven't been to college, have been to college, were raised in the...

McKenna’s Story

"Being on trail also puts things in perspective. People stop caring about appearance very quickly. There’s a certain shift of awareness that exposes what really matters. I love that." - WA 2017-2018

McKenna’s Story

"There’s something about waking up to early rays of sunlight on the skin and hearing the rustle of the wilderness begin another day that is just so good for the soul...To be so very present in the moment was not something we were used to but it allowed us to see God...

McKenna’s Story

"The year was simply all about examining ourselves and Jesus and how those things go together." - WA 2017-2018

McKenna’s Story

"Camp showed me that God uses those that are just willing to work. He shines brighter when we are willing to do the background work without caring who sees. It’s bigger than us." - WA 2017-2018

Kyle’s Story

"I was still making decisions about what college to attend and what to study while I was in Walkabout. It gave me more time to think and figure out what I wanted to study. I love the university I'm at now and I even received a higher scholarship because I took a Gap...

McKenna’s Story

"It was a place I found a tangible faith. I was able to find the strength to utter the words “I forgive because I am forgiven” out loud, in the space of starry skies and rolling hills. My heart started to heal." - WA 2017-2018

Kyle’s Story

"It's been three years since I was a Walkabout and I still keep in touch with my cabin mates. They're some of the best friends I've ever had." - WA 2015-2016

McKenna’s Story

"I found family there that I never really had before. When I came as a camper, I discovered a peace there that calmed a relentless storm of doubt and heartbreak inside of me. I think it had to do with the fact that I was able to finally breathe, away from so much...

Kyle’s Story

"Walkabout taught me how important it is to disconnect from a materialistic society to seek both truth and your true self within the wilderness"

Lucas’ Story

"Walkabout taught me how important it is to disconnect from a materialistic society to seek both truth and your true self within the wilderness." - WA 2015-2016

Kel’s Story

"Walkabout taught me the truth of what gospel living should look like. Through service, study, and community I learned that the greatest call on our life is "Simple Obedience" to "Love God with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength.. and to love your neighbor as...

Our Ongoing Prayer Needs

Join us in prayer for these things:   Pray for safety at camp.   Pray for the safety of all campers and staff as they engage in the many outdoor adventure activities at Camp Eagle. Pray for Salvation for all.   Pray for the salvation of all campers, families, and...

Retreats Camper’s Testimonial

I could not get over how friendly all the staff was during the whole weekend. Retreat Camper's Testimonial - Retreats 2009  

Retreats Camper’s Testimonial

I really didn’t know what else to say but, WOW. I couldn’t wait until Thursday night to talk about ManCation and the impact it had on everyone. I know it did me. Now that I’ve been, Mancation should be mandatory for every male. Retreats Camper's Testimonial - Group...

Summer Camper’s Testimonial

All feedback was so positive. I could feel the counselor's love and dedication to delivering a great message through Barron's stories. Sounded like a perfect mix of Jesus' message and silliness wrapped up for every kid to stay focused and engaged. Warmed my heart....

Group Camper’s Testimonial

We are a smaller church with a small group. I enjoyed seeing the kids come together and bond as a team during the course of the camp. They opened up as the week went on and truly learned and grew in Christ. Personally, I loved hiking up to the windmill and the "rain...

Group Camper’s Testimonial

The staff is absolutely incredible and a main reason that I continue to bring our students to Camp Eagle. We had the best counselors this year!! Group Camper's Testimonial - Group Camp 2017  

Group Camper’s Testimonial

Our veteran campers still love Camp Eagle best Group Camper's Testimonial - Group Camp 2017  

Tyler Kuykendall’s Testimonial

I felt so connected to God there and felt welcome by your fantastic staff who were all so nice and positive. Tyler Kuykendall's Testimonial - Group Retreats 2012  

Amber’s Story

My grandparents were crying because they have waited a long time to see God work incredibly in my life like He has here recently. - WA 2010-2011  

Amber’s Story

I've never had anything in my life unfold so beautifully and it is just completely incredible to me to feel that I am doing what God wants me to do with my life. - WA 2010-2011  

Katherine’s Testimonial

It was the best school/camp experience I have had Katherine's Testimonial - Retreats 2009  

Barron’s Mother’s Testimonial

Barron said "I definitely felt myself come closer to God". And that my friends, in a parent's heart, is pure gold! Barron's Mother - Summer Camp 2017  

Julie Aulner’s Testimonial

Oh my goodness, my daughter is still talking about the activities and how outstanding they work! She also loved how there was a lesson built into many of the activities. Very creative! Julie Aulner - Summer Camp 2017  

Elizabeth Anne Wrase’s Testimonial

I was amazed at the super activities Luke participated in throughout the week. Rappelling, archery, and blob were some favorites. He wanted to go to Camp Eagle specifically for the blob! He talked a bit about the river traverse the last day- he mentioned it being hard...

Emily Anne Bippert’s Testimonial

Thursday was my favorite night. Sitting under the stars, and listening to Zakk and The Homestead from across the water was absolutely spectacular. I fell in love with CE a million times over that night. Emily Anne Bippert - Zion Lutheran Church 2017  

Nick Arnold’s Testimonial

I love how camp always makes my kids want to continue growing in their faith when they get home. I can't think of too many experiences that make kids want to do that. Nick Arnold - Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran 2017  

Alexandra Fairen Hattan’s Testimonial

Every year I get home from Camp and I'm distraught cause the food at home isn't as good. Alexandra Fairen Hattan - Crosspoint Church 2017  

Carol Peeples’s Testimonial

I got as much from the week as the kids did. I came home energised and with a greater faith Carol Peeples - First United Methodist Church Round Rock 2017  

Linda O’Donnell’s Testimonial

I have been to MANY camps and Camp Eagle is over the top in the quality of food served. My youth agree with that whole heartedly also!!! Linda O'Donnell - Faith United Methodist Church 2017  

Tammy Dickey’s Testimonial

Felt like a Queen using the Leader Room! Fully furnished and comfortable. Tammy Dickey - Springcreek Church Garland 2017  

Morgan Amber McCool’s Testimonial

"Amazing God-fearing, spirit-driven, patient, loving staff!” A special thank you to Dave and Amanda from helping us feel welcomed and a BIG thank you to John ""Sunshine"" and Meredith for being the best counselors we could have asked for.""" Morgan Amber McCool -...

Jolie Claire Michon’s Testimonial

Our counselors Alyssa and Kevin were great. They knew when to have fun with the kids and when to get them to listen. They got stern when needed but had a good time too! The activity staff were great as well. The zipline 3000 female leader took her time to talk to one...

Tammy Dickey’s Testimonial

AMAZING!! Our 4 leaders never fell short, always encouraged, made everyone feel loved - truly relationship builders and kingdom focused. LOVE! Tammy Dickey - Springcreek Church Garland 2017  

Kayla Kilmartin’s Testimonial

My husband, Luke Kilmartin, had a boot on one of his legs this previous week out at camp and the counselors were so responsive, carrying, and servant hearted making him a part of everything and still attending highly to the kids on such a wonderful level. The students...

Jonathan Downs’s Testimonial

You were the best I have ever had in 15 years of student camp ministry. Jonathan Downs - Trinity Baptist Church Lake Charles 2017  

Lauren Cosby’s Testimonial

ALL of the people were THE BEST part of camp for us. Dave, Amanda, Zakk, our counselors Alex and Jonathan... everyone was incredible! Lauren Cosby - Austin New Church 2017  

Rhonda Ullman’s Testimonial

Everyone was amazing. They were all friendly and happy to help. Our counselors were Tyler and Stephanie. I cannot say a enough positive words about both of them. Another of your staff who really made a difference was Milly. My son and I were up to do the zipline and...

David Joe’s Testimonial

"I liked each of the activities that we participated in. My favorite thing was the walk carrying the cross and burdens. It was incredible to experience that so viscerally. The night experiences are truly unique at CE.”" David Joe - Sugar Land Baptist Church 2017...

Kayla D Hebert’s Testimonial

I loved how everything was so coordinated for our day Kayla D Hebert - Trinity Baptist Church Lake Charles 2017  

Linda O’Donnell’s Testimonial

Our youth LOVED the activities that Camp Eagle had and can't wait to return Linda O'Donnell - Faith United Methodist Church 2017  

Lauren Cosby’s Testimonial

Other than the walk with the cross, my favorite experience was the group activity at the dam. That really bonded our group and helped us improve communication, and was the perfect balance of stretching ourselves and overcoming fears, and having fun with each other....

Morgan Amber McCool’s Testimonial

My favorite experience was either night outside when we got to experience the stars and have them apart of the lesson of that day. Very well done! Loved it being interactive. Morgan Amber McCool - Montgomery United Methodist Church 2017  

Janine Rothmann’s Testimonial

The real life experiences were truly a blessing to the kids and sponsors/leaders. Thank you for your creativity and blessings we experienced at camp. Janine Rothmann - Our Saviours Lutheran Church 2017  

Mike Mouton’s Testimonial

Best camp activities at any camp i've chaperoned Mike Mouton - Trinity Baptist Church 2017  

Ronnie Purcell’s Testimonial

Everything was excellent, the camp was run well, it was clean, the camp pastor did a good job of getting the lesson across without being too long, the counselors every year are great, they are friendly and listen well to all the students, I have been to a lot of camps...

Jase Ellis’s Group Camp Testimonial

I appreciate your attention to detail. Worship is engaging. Preaching is Bible focused. And every activity has a purpose and a point. Jase Ellis - First Baptist Church Vidalia 2017  

Jase Ellis’s Testimonial

Our students responded well to worship, Zack's teaching, morning chaos, and evening activities (dance party & bonfire). Hiking is something we enjoy quite a bit as well. And, of course, the zip 3k! So stinking awesome! Jase Ellis - First Baptist Church Vidalia 2017...

Brooke Roberts’s Testimonial

The evening experiences were unforgettable. I feel like our kids are going to keep those experiences with them for quite a while if not forever. Brooke Roberts - Trinity Baptist Church 2017  

Kyle Heidelberg’s Testimonial

The Wednesday night experience when we hiked up to the cross was one of the most impactful moments of the week. Very well done! Kyle Heidelberg - Group Camp 2017  

Brooke Roberts’s Testimonial

The Cross experience was amazing. The 10 for 10 time was great and much needed for reflection. The debriefing time was great for our group and I realized just how much the kids were paying attention and really enjoying the camp!!! Brooke Roberts - Group Camp 2017...

Dayna Leggett’s Testimonial

Our students opened up in many ways during Group Camp. I love the way you guys run it and allow so many moments for God to move. Keep up the good work!” The Mysterious White t-shirt event was definitely the FULCRUM of the camp experience. The next morning, one of our...

Rhonda R Ullman’s Testimonial

I really enjoyed the evening chaos each night. Music was awesome. I cried each night during the singing from the overwhelming feelings/spirit I felt. Thank You! Rhonda R Ullman - Our Saviours Lutheran Church 2017  

Tony Ortega’s Testimonial

I came into Camp Eagle with my eyes closed and I'm leaving camp with my eyes wide open. Tony Ortega - Summer Camp 2014  

Seth McLaney’s Testimonial

Honestly, I hardly know faith now, but what I do know is now I believe in this God and his Son who died for our sins! This camp is the best thing that has happened to me so far in my life. It's insane to me that a depressed atheist could change into a happy believer...

Jason Villa’s Testimonial

If God is with us, who can challenge us. His amazing miracles never seem to stop amazing me. When God tells me to do something, I will drop everything and do it. I am, and forever will be a child of God, the on True King. Jason Villa - Summer Camp 2014  

Julie Aulner’s Testimonial

My daughter had had negative experiences at other Christian camps. She loved everything about Camp Eagle and still, three days later is talking about all that she did and all that she learned! Julie Aulner - Summer Camp 2017  

Lori Ann Landin’s Testimonial

My son loved his camp counselors. He thought they were very cool. They gave him the faith award at the end of camp for wanting to take Christ back to his home and school and to continue his growth. Lori Ann Landin - Summer Camp 2017  

Leah Montanez’s Testimonial

Every time my child leaves Camp Eagle he comes home changed. He is more receptive and just has a new glow to him. He loves it and we hope to continue camp every year. Leah Montanez - Summer Camp 2017  

Dana Martin’s Testimonial

Both of my children have shared with me different things that they learned while at camp. I love that the lessons came home with them, that they did not leave them there. Dana Martin - Summer Camp 2017  

Elizabeth Anne Wrase’s Testimonial

We weren't sure if Luke would enjoy camp and I am so glad we pushed him to go. He loved it, says he misses it, and we have already preregistered him for next summer. He is a quiet child by nature and I appreciate the staff acknowledging Luke's personality and working...

Gail Weiland’s Testimonial

The one thing my husband and I were unexpectedly impressed with was how much more aware our daughters came home of other kids who are less fortunate - kids from children's homes, kids who don't have parents who take them to church because of divorces, drugs, etc. That...

Maryanna Pearson’s Testimonial

He's not much of a talker, and has been talking non-stop since getting home from camp -- a fabulous experience all around. Maryanna Pearson - Saint John Lutheran 2017  

Mrs. Rhiannon Smith’s Testimonial

I am also grateful for the time I am blessed to spend at Camp Eagle. I pray that even when I'm old and my kids are on their own that I will still have the opportunity to be a sponsor with the youth. I anticipate the time to be at Camp Eagle to unplug from the world...

Jennifer Lawson’s Testimonial

This was my second year at Camp Eagle as a sponsor. Both experiences were amazing. From the staff, to the meals, to the overall experience, my daughter and I both thought it was awesome. Jesus is alive and working through Camp Eagle! Can't wait to see you guys next...

Emily Anne Bippert’s Testimonial

Always a wonderful time...I never want to leave. My students feel the same way, and I feel they genuinely want to bring the camp energy back with them. Emily Anne Bippert - Zion Lutheran Church 2017  

Cathy Lynell Schoenfield’s Testimonial

I have had experience with the staff for quite a while now since my son did walkabout. The quality of the people is commendable! Whoever is in charge of hiring Needs to keep that position cause the people are quality. It's always hard to leave because of the pouring...

Gloria K Whitmore’s Testimonial

This was my ninth year at Camp Eagle and I am always impressed by the staff's ability to share and connect with the students. Gloria K Whitmore - First Baptist Church Sealy 2017  

Dawn Simmons’s Testimonial

We absolutely LOVED our counselors, Trey and Alex!!! As for the rest of the staff that we had contact with, they were always kind and helpful! I was never turned away from having a conversation with any of them! God has truly blessed Camp Eagle with great people! Dawn...

Nick Arnold’s Testimonial

You guys have the best, most servant-hearted staff of any camp I've ever been to. Nick Arnold - Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church 2017  

Alexandra Fairen Hattan’s Testimonial

It was amazing to be able to walk along side my students through each activity and just see them blossom. Hearts were changed and eyes opened. Alexandra Fairen Hattan - 2017  

Suzanna Minx’s Testimonial

I never went to youth camp as a teenager and through the grace of God as an adult I have been able to accompany our youth group to Camp Eagle twice and to another camp once. There is no comparison between the other camp and Camp Eagle. Camp Eagle was by far superior...

Camper’s Testimonial

As a sponsor, I was surprised at the total intentionality of every little activity. I gained as much if not more than our youth. Definitely plan on returning next year. Group 2017  

Christina Margie Gonzalez’s Testimonial

For me as a parent you guys changed my child to the point that she came home saying "pray for me mom because I TRULY feel God is calling me into leadership"!!! Wow this is Amazing????????????????????????. Christina Margie Gonzalez - Long Point Baptist Church 2017...

Group Camp Testimonial

Our students are always challenged and you can always tell that safety is a huge priority. I don't know of another camp that offers the experiences you get at Camp Eagle. 2017 Group Camp  

Sarah Quiroga’s Testimonial

There are places in the world where the veil between heaven and earth are thin, and I think Camp Eagle is one of those places. Sarah Quiroga - Dunstan's Episcopal Church  

Christ-like Change

Christ-like Change



Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert. -Isaiah 43:19- Jesus called me to the wilderness, both literally and figuratively, for the past three months. Before this summer...

Passionately Serving Humbly

You will need a bible handy for this devotional. It would also be helpful to have a piece of paper or journal to right down your thoughts. We have found that writing thoughts down help them to stick in our minds and hearts. It’s also a great way to look back on things...

Professional Friend

Professional Friend


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“This is an example of how your camp memory article will appear once it is posted to our website. Just write a compelling headline that will hint at what your story is about and get people interested in reading it. Then share a special moment or standout memory. A...
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