Retreats Groups of 25-800

Camp Eagle’s retreats program provides a world of options for unique group experiences, including outdoor adventure activities, team building, fun, relaxation, and more. With a special focus on Biblical truth, our goal is that guests return home feeling refreshed and inspired by new experiences with the aim of Christ-like change.

We offer two types of experiences: our create-your-own retreats are fully customizable to accommodate your group’s unique needs, and our programmed family retreats are designed to be a meaningful getaway, perfect for family adventures and bonding.

Accommodations & Facilities

Your group will bunk together in spacious cabins or dormitories that offer private bathrooms in each room. Some retreats also offer hotel-style rooms in the Trinity Lodge.

Our facilities create an environment that your whole group will enjoy! Share tasty meals together in one of two rustic dining halls, break for a snack in the coffee shop, listen for God’s voice in the cliff-side pavilion, and debrief matters of the heart around the campfire.


Competitor magazine declared Camp Eagle as "Texas' best adventure destination." With 1400 acres of rugged Hill Country along with natural caves, a quarter mile of 150' tall limestone cliff, and 1.5 miles of the crystal clear Nueces River, Camp Eagle has more natural resources jammed into one space than most camps across the nation.


Camp Eagle staff seek Christ-like change for every person who sets foot on Camp Eagle soil. They aim to serve each group with a servant’s heart so retreats run smoothly and each participant has the chance to encounter God in a fresh way.

Guest Amenities

Camp Store
Clothing, jewelry, water bottles, and other Camp Eagle merchandise can be purchased at the Camp Store, along with a variety of toiletries. The store does not have regular business hours. Retreat leaders should specify on the retreat schedule when they would like to open the camp store.

Coffee Shop
Lounge and catch up over Frappuccino’s, coffee, smoothies, candy, and other tasty treats on our rustic coffee shop. Business hours vary and are established upon request according to the needs of retreat participants. Please specify the hours most convenient for your group on your retreat schedule.

Wireless Internet access is available for guest use in the Office Foyer and the Trinity Lodge.

All laundry facilities on Camp Eagle property are for Camp Eagle staff only. Should laundry facilities be needed, please contact the Retreats Director. A small fee may apply.

Messages, Faxes, Photocopies
Incoming messages are received in the Camp Eagle office. Telephone messages will be delivered to the Camp Eagle host or Retreats Director in charge. Faxes may be sent or received at the Camp Eagle office; the fax number is (830) 683-2219. Copies may also be made in the Camp Eagle office. A small fee may apply.

Telephone Use and Messages
PLEASE NOTE: THERE IS NO CELL RECEPTION AT CAMP EAGLE. Guests can make long-distance emergency calls in the Office Foyer. If you need to deliver a message to a guest while they are staying with us, please call the Retreats Office at (830) 683-2330. There is typically someone in the office to answer phones from 9 am - 5 pm, but if no one answers, please leave a message. We work hard to check voicemails and deliver messages to our guests on a very regular basis.

Letters can be posted at the Camp Eagle office. Receiving mail at camp is unlikely unless sent far in advance. Incoming mail should be addressed in the following manner:

  • Your Name
  • C/C Name of Retreat Group
  • Camp Eagle – Retreats
  • 6424 Hackberry Rd.
  • Rocksprings, TX 78880


& Provisions

Office Hours
The Retreats Office is open Monday-Friday, 9 AM – 5PM. Voicemails and emails are checked periodically throughout the weekend and will be replied to as needed.

Guests are generally requested to park in designated parking lots located on the South side of main camp; however, your Retreat Coodinator will inform you of a location that is most convenient for your group. Roads must be kept clear at all times for emergency and service vehicles. All Terrain Vehicles, four wheelers, dirt bikes, or any like vehicles are not permitted at Camp Eagle. Guests are encouraged to keep their cars parked during their stay at Camp Eagle.

Private Properties
Retreat participants are asked to respect all private areas at Camp Eagle by only entering rooms, facilities, and buildings that are approved for their retreat group.

Camp Eagle is not responsible for any lost or stolen articles. Please lock windows and doors on all vehicles. Valuables may be brought to the Camp Eagle office for safe keeping during a retreat. Only select rooms and doors have locking devices on them for safety concerns. No guest will be issued a key to any building or room at Camp Eagle.

Towels & Linens
Camp Eagle provides linens and towels for hotel rooms only. Participants should bring linens if they are not provided for their specific accommodations.

Maps and Trail Information
Find trail maps, waivers/release forms, trail information, and camp maps in the Retreats Office. If items cannot be found, please ask a staff member.

Campfires are a great way to enjoy a retreat and are available through special arrangement. Camp Eagle has several staffed, designated campfire areas that allow retreats to enjoy all the fun of a campfire, while remaining safe and being good stewards of the surrounding area. Camp Eagle staff members have been trained with special knowledge in how, when and where to build a fire in order to keep it under control and avoid the possibility of wildfire. Special protocols have been established in case of emergency, so there is no need for concern as long as guidance is followed.

Medical Services
Camp Eagle does not provide medical services or attempt to give medical treatment or advice. Camp Eagle is not responsible for personal injury to guests due to carelessness. A Camp Eagle staff may give medical advice per his or her personal training and is given on his or her personal behalf.

In case of extreme emergency, please call 9-911 and then contact the Retreat Director. Phones are located in the Office Foyer. Peterson Regional Medical Center – (830) 896-4200

Lost & Found
Please bring any items found to the designated area in the Rio Grande Lodge. Articles left behind will be located and placed in Lost & Found. A lost item can be reported to the Camp Eagle main office during a retreat. Please contact the Retreats Office to retrieve any items left following the retreat. Phone (830) 683-2330. Please note that we do not have the capability to store lost and found items for long periods of time. We take unclaimed items to Goodwill about once a month; therefore, it is wise to let us know as soon as you realize something has been left behind.

Pets are not permitted on Camp Eagle property or in any of our Camp Eagle buildings. Please leave all pets at home. Seeing eye and service dogs on a leash and under immediate control of their owner are allowed; however, please notify your Retreats Coodinator ahead of time if this is the case.