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God’s Creation

Camp Eagle is nestled in a beautiful and rugged environment that is perfect for the casual camper, outdoor adventurer, or extreme sport enthusiast. While beauty and adventure draw many to the camp, the experiences and relationships make the greatest impact. Activities are more than just fun, each one is geared to inspire and transform lives towards a deeper relationship with Christ.

The curriculum at Camp Eagle is equally far from ordinary. Tough issues are tackled head-on with straight talk – uncompromisingly Biblical, laced with grace, and delivered with humility. The staff of devoted and inspired believers has been specially trained to provide a morally and physically sound infrastructure that is safe, inspiring, and most of all, life changing.

Hills & Valleys

This dynamic landscape of hills, cliffs, rivers, and valleys in the Texas Hill Country inspire the adventurer and speaks calming words to the hurried.   It’s hard to believe this is all in Texas!  As the flatland of the Edwards Plateau head South through Texas, it collides with the ancient Balcones Fault, a line of faults that transitions the flat escarpment into the spring filled hills, cliffs, and valleys and then finally descends into the flat coastal plains all the way to Gulf of Mexico.  It’s the dynamic landscape in between that we admiringly call – the Texas Hill Country.

Rivers & Streams

We like to say, as the dust washes off your tires when you drive across the water crossing into camp, the dust washes off your heart. You are ready to see what God has for you here, away from home, and in the beautiful hill country – God’s country. We are located at the very headwaters of the crystal clear Nueces River. Over 1 million gallons of water spring from the rocks each and every day. Playing here creates memories like no other. If you’re a history buff, the Nueces river was the disputed boundary between Mexico and the United States. The river was also cast in a well-known scene in the Lonesome Dove series.

Trees & Vegetation

There are woods enough to get lost in! 18 miles of singe-track trail take you right through them. Enjoy the shade of the towering sycamore trees along the river banks. Admire the years and strength of the ancient Live Oaks. Surprisingly, there are many piñon pine’s to spot as well. Where the hills are not covered with trees, you’ll find tall grasses, cactus, wildflowers, and flowering mountain laurel’s that blanket the hill country in a purply sweet smell during their bloom.


It’s been recorded that the largest mountain lion ever caught was 9’ 6” long from head to tail and was found in our county. You can also find ringtails, bobcats, aoudad, alligator lizards, and exotic animals from around the world. One of the prominent species are the axis deer. Many have called the Texas Hill Country the axis deer capital of the world. Especially in the colder winters, you can hear a quiet descend in the area as a bald or golden eagle flies over head. It’s fascinating to see a flock of quail fly together in their zig-zag, up and down patterns. Osprey and crane’s hunt for fish above the river where they may spot bass, catfish, and even a rare crawdad.


Besides flatland in some of the valleys and on the ridges, you’re pretty much always headed up or downhill. When you’re off trail you’ll be navigating rocks, trees, and the occasional creakbed, spring, or river.


The Texas Hill Country is split by the a semi-arid west and the sub-humid east. Camp Eagle sits in the semi-arid region and is home to many cactus and rock out-croppings. The summers are hot and the winters are mild. All of this paired with the spring-fed river make for great adventures outdoors the entire year-long. In local Fredericksburg, they find that the climate makes for great wine-country. Highway 290 is home to dozens of wineries, vineyards, bed and breakfasts, and all types of events all year long.