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3 Weeks

Christ-like change happens with patience, time, and outside our comfort zone.

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Embracing once-in-a-lifetime adventures open up our eyes to the gifts He has given us, and leaves us thankful for all He continues to provide.

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We are stronger together. Rubbing elbows with like-minded leaders and mentors help build our confidence when serving the Lord.

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True leadership is servanthood. When we serve others on Earth, we glorify God above.

What Is Leadership Training?

The Leadership Training program is designed to put the world in the perspective of a disciple. These three weeks are a challenging commitment that inspires courage for the future as a follower of Christ. Our unique mix of adventure, study, service, rest, and mentoring leaves people changed for the better.

Week 1

The first week of this program will be about community, adventure, and bonding over the truth of God’s word, all while kayaking down the pristine South Pecos River with our awesome river guides and Camp Eagle leaders.

Weeks 2 and 3

The final two weeks of the program will embrace servant leadership through various service positions at Camp Eagle, such as at The Nest, our coffee shop, camp store, and dining hall.

Join our Summer Staff as a Jr. Counselor!

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Leadership Training 10th-11th Dates & Rates

Group Sessions Length (Days) Dates Rates/camper Status Register
Session 1 3 Weeks May 20 - June 10, 2023


Session 2 3 Weeks June 3-24, 2023


Session 3 3 Weeks June 17 - July 8, 2023


Session 4 3 Weeks July 1-22, 2023


Session 5 3 Weeks July 15 - August 5, 2023



If you have questions, please contact Chelsea Hale.

If you have questions, please contact Chelsea Hale.

Payment Policy

Preparing for Leadership Training

Dividing our Leadership Training program into two segments (first week and last two weeks) allows Camp Eagle to fully immerse our awesome 10th and 11th graders into the leadership lessons our Lord is ready to teach us.

Layout & Lessons

The first week of Leadership Training will be spent in community as campers kayak together in awe and wonder along the pristine South Pecos River. In this segment, our trusted guides will teach campers the hard skill of paddling while our leaders teach them how to apply Christ's lessons to their daily lives.

The final two weeks of Leadership Training will be spent at Camp Eagle's home base where they will practice what it means to live for Him through servant leadership. The same Christ-loving leaders who have been with our Leadership Training campers will mentor them through various positions at Camp Eagle.

Health & Safety

The spiritual, physical, and emotional well-being of every student is our top priority. We’re here to fulfill all their safety and nutritional needs. Find out more about Camp Eagle's health and safety guidelines here.

Our Staff

Our staff is made up of fun, friendly people who are also super serious about providing you with the best Leadership Training experience ever. Each day they demonstrate their passion for serving Jesus Christ through leading by example and with a cheerful demeanor.

Summer Camp FAQs


Do I need to sign a waiver?

Yes! Our goal is to make camp as safe as possible, but adventure activities have inherent risks. We ask that EVERYONE attending spring break refuel acknowledges this by reviewing and signing a waiver.

What should I bring?

This is not your average Camp Eagle overnight trip so the packing list is a bit different. Pack thorough, but light, as you’ll be carrying these essential things with you as you hike.

What should I NOT bring?

How often do you get to truly live off the grid? Let's enjoy it by leaving these items at home.

Does Camp Eagle offer Financial Aid?

Absolutely. We have a limited number of scholarships due to the generosity of donors who make it possible.

For more information, visit the Financial Aid page.

Who do I contact in case of an emergency?

If a home emergency occurs contact the Camp Director and we’ll arrange a call/contact.


Pets are not permitted on Camp Eagle property, or in any Camp Eagle buildings. Please leave all pets at home. Seeing eye and service dogs on a leash and under immediate control of the owner are accepted.

Private Properties

Event participants are asked to respect all private areas. Please only use the areas designated for your group.


Camp Eagle is not responsible for any lost or stolen articles. Please lock windows and doors on all vehicles. Valuables may be brought to the Camp Eagle office for safe keeping during a retreat.

Towels & Linens

Camp Eagle provides linens and towels for hotel-style rooms only. Participants should bring linens if they are not provided for their specific accommodations.

Chelsea Hale

Chelsea Hale

Discipleship Guide

Have a question? Email Chelsea at [email protected]