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Shred Eagle

Camp Eagle MTB Club

1400 Acres – 15 Miles of Trails

Ride the Trails

Camp Eagle is a 1400 acre adventure destination in the Texas Hill Country! While our main gig is programming a youth Summer camp and providing a place for retreats in the Fall, Winter, and Spring, our heart is in the outdoor adventure community and mountain biking is what gets our blood pumping! Camp Eagle has over 15 miles of single track mountain biking trails. From some of the most technical and gnarly terrain in the state of Texas to our new flow trail punctuated with rollers and jumps for everyone to enjoy.

Open to the Public

Now we are opening those trails to you! Our dream has always been to allow public access and now we can through our MTB club called Shred Eagle. The best part is that the membership is FREE! Look below for how to become a part of Shred Eagle.

Camp Eagle Information

Camp Eagle is primarily a youth camp and because of that there are a few things we need you to do before you have free access to our trails:

  • You must be 18 years or older to join
  • We must run a criminal background check

After signing a waiver, you will receive an email from Ministry Safe in order to complete the background check requirements. So be sure to use an email you check!

After those requirements are complete you will receive a welcome email from us along with a package in the mail that includes a car decal and Shred Eagle wristband!

Camp Eagle Calendar

Please check the calendar below to make sure the dates for your visit are not “blackout dates.” There are also certain weekends when the only way to get on the trails is to sign up for a race!

    Brittany van Wyk

    Shred Eagle Administrator