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Adam Betterton

Director of Programs

About Adam

Adam and his wife Kirsten are a couple of Okies (not from Muskogee) but they are raising a true Texan in their son Mo. Adam was introduced to Camp Eagle in 2009 by his soon to be wife Kirsten after she spent a summer as a backpacking guide for Camp Eagle’s wilderness program.

In 2011, 9 months after their wedding, the couple moved to Camp and has been here ever since. Both would say that they feel as though they have kind of grown up at camp together and God has blessed their path always providing them with adventure, life changing relationships, and learning that can only come from God’s inspired word. While working on gaining his M.Div, Adam also enjoys rock climbing, trail running, reading, watching football and basketball (go Thunder!) and occasionally sailing a boat around on the open water. Adam says the reason he is at Camp Eagle is because it is obvious to him that God has brought him here and it is also obvious that God works through this ministry. We think this Okie may be in love with the Texas Hill Country!

Adam’s Superpower:

The ability to drink coffee on the side of a cliff in the blistering sun while encouraging youngsters to conquer their greatest fears!