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Ashley Fry

Gap year Discipleship Guide/
Summer Medical Director


About Ashley

Ashley was raised in the suburbs of Houston, Texas. She attended Texas A&M in 2010 as a Wildlife and Fisheries Major where she found her love for the outdoors. She started working at Camp Eagle in 2014 for the wilderness department and realized that working with the Wilderness Department at Camp Eagle gave her the ability to explore, get outside, travel, and introduce other people to that world through ministry. She was hooked.

Ashley started working at our Glorieta campus full time in 2015 and then transferred back to her first love, Camp Eagle, to be the Women’s Gap Year Discipleship guide. Since then she’s also received her EMT certification and agreed to be in charge of Camp Eagles Medical department. When she’s not trying to keep her husband (Seth) from sending more YouTube videos in the all staff emails she likes to hang out with any camp people that want to watch Mean Girls, hike, kayak, go on extended backpacking trips (the ones where you hate your life), mountain bike (downhill not uphill), talk about any camping gear, look at other peoples new gear, play volleyball (but real volleyball), bowl pretty badly, work out, figure out ways to live full time in a van or shed, and fantasize about buying really old Toyota 4runners.