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Dave Grinsell

Group Camp Director


About Dave

Born in Sydney, Australia, Dave came from a very adventurous and driven family. His parents always prioritized following God’s calling wherever that may lead and he knew he was destined to follow the call to somewhere special. Graduating college in 2012 with a degree in Business marketing, event management and managing organizations, Dave tried the corporate world working as the Marketing/ Sales executive for the Sydney Kings ( Sydney’s basketball team). In need of a break Dave headed to the US for what he thought would be a short stint of working at a summer camp, obviously God had other plans.

What Dave planned to be a summer break and time of exploration, turned into him finding Camp Eagle, a place where his unique skill set and passion for the Gospel could be used for the glory of God. In 2016 Dave took over as the Director of Group Camp and hasn’t looked back. Dave is constantly seeking ways to improve himself and the program he runs with a goal of providing a place where campers can feel safe, be heard and be challenged. Dave is passionate about adventure, relationships, and truth, because he has seen it work at Camp Eagle and in his own life, as a catalyst to life-change.

Dave gets excited about the way God uses his creation to reveal himself in unique and clear ways, “when you actually spend time listening, God speaks to you!” and he believes that a large part of that experience comes from a distraction free environment like one experiences at Camp Eagle. In his free time, Dave loves kayaking, taking trips to Australia to see family and friends, drinking coffee and surfing. But most of all he loves spending time with his wife Brooke and their dog, Reese.