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Jacques Van Wyk

Summer Camp Director


About Jacques

Jacques is a South African missionary in the US who spent 15 years in San Diego, California after submitting his life to Christ back in South Africa. Jacques is an adventure enthusiast, the choice tool being bikes, yet shares a love for and understanding of all adrenaline sports. “These are my people!” Extreme sports have become the avenue with which he grows authentic relationships with likeminded people with the hope to assist, how ever possible, for all to come to a saving knowledge of Christ and the work of the cross! What started as a weekend serving at a mountain bike race here at Camp Eagle, growing in authentic community with staff here, and then the clear guidance of the Lord, Jacques, his wife and three kiddos received the call to leave California and move to Texas. Jacques has brought about a hope and a passion to get to be a part of God’s work here in Texas!

Jacques’ Superpower:

The ability to go ride a bike regardless of how exhausted, injured, how hot it is or overwhelmed he might be and then return with a big fat smile on his face ready to tackle the next thing God has for him.