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Taylor Barnet

Director of Marketing and Sales


About Taylor

Taylor came to us after being recruited at her college campus to join us as summer staff in summer 2012. She came to Camp Eagle desiring to impact the lives of campers. And while this happened, what was so surprising to her was her own life being eternally changed. When she was serving that first summer, she found a relationship with Christ that was authentic, which shredded all of the misbeliefs she had previously held against God (and religion in general). Ever since then, the growing desire to see life-change has continuously drawn her back to camping ministry. Taylor couldn’t have ever guessed that she would be on full-time staff, much less in a position that seeks out staffers to join us and experience the love of Christ in radical ways both in their own lives and the lives of others.

Taylor says that to know God is to know adventure, relationship, and Truth. Something God has made really clear to her in her time at Camp Eagle is that He will take you on wild adventures both spiritual and physical. And, it is within those adventures that relationships will be intricately woven, to grow you, nourish you, and challenge you. And, covering all of these is the Truth that breathes life into it all. Taylor believes that living out this mission, makes it all the more real and has opened her eyes to see how it all works together to form something so much greater than ourselves.

Taylor also loves: reading, writing, hiking, hanging with her dog, drinking beer, and eating pizza.