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Group camp is our summer camp for youth groups: Church groups, youth ministries, children's homes, youth ranches, schools, anyone wanting a unique and fast-paced, 4 or 6-day summer session jam-packed with outdoor adventure, authentic relationships, and Biblical truth.
Every session, about 400 middle school, junior high and high school students come together to "experience" camp! Group camp sessions are designed to invigorate and challenge young minds by providing experiences that reflect and reinforce Biblical principles. Meanwhile helping those youth understand the power and beauty of their church family.

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Dates & Rates


Group Camp Rates

Registration open for returners.

Non-returner registration opens on September 14th.

Group Leaders, please click on the Session below to reserve beds for that event.

Campers and parents of campers, you cannot register your camper here. Please contact your group leader for instructions

Session Length Date Rate Status
Session 1 6-day June 4-9 $410/guest Full
Session 2 6-day June 10-15 $425/guest Full
Session 3 6-day June 16-21 $425/guest Full
Session 4 Rental June 24th - 29th   Full
Session 5 4-day June 28-July 1 $295/guest Full
Session 6 6-Day July 2-7 $420/guest Open
Session 7 6-Day July 8-13 $420/guest Full
Session 8 6-day July 14th - 19th $420/guest Full
Session 9 6-day July 21-26 $425/guest Open
Session 10 5-day July 28-August 1 $335/guest Open
Session 11 6-day August 2-7 $350/guest Open

hh 6 Day Session

hh 4 or 5 Day Session

hh Middle School/Junior High Only Session

Same price for adult leaders and students

Limited scholarships are available for extreme needs. Contact the Group Camp Director for more information.


By mixing fun and adventure with the Word of God, students can realize their potential to change the world -- and the landscape of eternity. Camp Eagle strives to prepare each heart and equip every group with God’s truth in such a way that others will know the power and grace of Jesus Christ our Lord.

  • Unique group development to help your students become a true church family
  • Experiential Teaching
  • Bible studies away from main camp, out in God's creation
  • Intentional activities
  • Adventures at every turn
  • Authentic relationships spurred on by our enthusiastic college-age staff
  • Scripture brought to life


Camp Eagle takes an experienced-based approach to camp. That’s because people (especially teens) remember 10% of what they hear, and up to 90% of what they experience.

You lead. We serve.

The heart of Camp Eagle is eternal life-change and group leaders are the ones who know exactly how God is working with their students. That's why Camp Eagle staff welcomes group leader participation in giving input or even leading Bible studies within the exhilarating and spiritually challenging curriculum.

Accommodations & Grounds

Group Camp housing is well-situated in the heart of this campus. Just steps away from the beautiful Nueces River, Rio Grande Dining Hall, open-air Pavilion, Coffee Shop, Sports Courts, and Games Fields. Each dorm room fits up to 12 guests. Each dorm has a private toilet and shower area.


  • Zipline 850
  • Sherpa Trek
  • Rappelling
  • Rock Climbing
  • Super Swing
  • Kayaking
  • Group Development
  • Waterfront
  • Nueces Canyon Mine
  • Zip 3000
  • T.A.G. (Team Arrow Games)
  • Sports Field
  • Seige Tower

Sample Day

To maximize each group’s experience, the days are divided into flexible modules that can be arranged according to the needs of each individual group. [click to show]

Morning Chaos

  • - Breakfast
  • - Morning Chaos - Brief talk on the Day's theme
  • - "10 for 10" – time alone with God

No one day looks like another due to our experiential style of teaching. However, a "usual" day kicks off with a delicious, hot breakfast (with a cereal, fruit, and yogurt option). Then the campers go onto "Morning Chaos", which is a time designated to getting everyone geared up for the day. Students will get to join in some upbeat worship with our worship team, then be introduced to the main point and overall scripture of the day during a brief message. Then they'll be challenged with a thought-provoking question (or series of questions) in regards to that main point of the day. Once out for their "10 for 10" (ten minutes alone with God, ten feet apart from all others), they have time to slow down and process through that question before heading out for the adventures that await them.

Activity Rotations

  • - Activity Rotations
  • - Lunch
  • - Activity Rotations
  • - Integrated Bible study

"If your group totals around 24, you'll likely be in one activity group. If your group is larger than that, there's a chance you'll split them into multiple groups. Each Activity Group has 2 of our CE Counselors with them. Those counselors will guide their group through activity rotations specifically formulated for that Activity Group. During the Activity Rotations, the students will be led through specifically chosen Group Development pieces, relational and fun "chill" activities, stretching high adventure activities, and Bible study conversations. Best of all, the day takes place out in God's creation, far from anything resembling "ordinary life".

The Evening Experience

  • - Dinner
  • - Worship Experience

After a hearty evening supper, sometimes outdoors, campers gather together for some combination of the following: a brief message, challenging scriptures, worship, prayer, sharing of lessons learned from the theme of the day, and an active experience that, God-willing, will bring the scripture we've been focusing on all day to life.


Toward the end of the Evening Experience, the students are put in position to deal with the scripture that they've been experiencing all day and night. The counselors and youth leaders debrief the experience with their Activity Group and or entire church family. This debrief allows the youth leaders to really know where each student is, and how to love and encourage them in that place. Each group simply goes until it's time for their group to be done.

Some evenings break the mold so further activities or simulations can further enforce the day's theme.


Six Day

  • 5 Nights / 6 Days
  • Session 1-10:
    Middle School, Junior High and High School
  • Session 11:
    Middle School and Junior High only

This session is the optimum camp experience allowing more activities, more learning, and more relationship building.

Four Day

  • 3 Nights / 4 Days

This session offers the same setup as the longer 6-day option, but in a compact form. Activity rotations begin immediately upon arrival.

Five Day

4 nights/ 5 days

This is a new option for youth groups in 2017. 5 day sessions provide a cost-effective option for youth groups as well as providing that extra day burst of adventure.


Camp Eagle hires college students from all over the country to staff our camp each summer. The application process consists of a detailed questionnaire, multiple references, interviews, and background checks. In searching for the staff God would have lead your students, we look for passionate followers of Christ who align with our vision for Christ-like change. Feel free to send any potential summer staff you would recommend to the online staff application.

Dates & Rates

Payment Schedule


Payment Schedule

Important Dates to Remember

  • September 13: Early Bird Registration opens for Returning Groups only. There is no deposit required to hold reservations.
  • September 27: Registration opens to the masses. Deposit is due for Early Bird reservations previously made. Reserved beds are forfeited if deposit is not paid on or before this date.




If you register:
  • - After September 30: Deposit due upon registration.

2nd Payment

If you register:
  • - During Sept to Jan: 2nd Payment is due March 1st.
  • - During Feb to Mar: 2nd Payment is due 60 days after you register.
  • - During Apr to Aug: 2nd Payment is not required. Remaining balance is owed 7 days prior to your Opening Day.




  • - 7 Days before your Opening Day: Registration must be paid in full for all groups.

Other Info

  • All payments must be made electronically through the online registration system.
  • We do not accept paper checks or cash orders.
  • Debit cards, credit cards, and e-check are all allowed.

Pricing Info


Pricing Info

  • - Same price for Adult Leaders and Students
  • - 3 Payments owed:
    • 1st (Deposit) Payment
    • 2nd Payment
    • 3rd (Final) Payment
  • - The 1st (Deposit) Payment:
    • $50 per Person deposit for 4 Day Sessions
    • $100 per Person deposit for 6 Day Sessions
    • - The Deposit must be paid upon registration to reserve your entity (i.e. If no deposit paid electronically, no beds are reserved).
  • - The 2nd Payment:
    • This payment is half the remaining balance after the Deposit has been paid.
    • This remaining balance can be found in your online account when you log in.
  • - The 3rd (Final) Payment:
    • This payment includes all remaining balance, including beds added throughout the months after you started registering.
  • - Please register for the number you feel confident in bringing. There is a cancellation fee we must hold every organization to. To add more spots, log on to our online registration system; available 24/7.

Cancellation Policy