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How to Give

Give to Our General Fund

Your donation to the general fund is unrestricted and will be used to further our ministry by supporting current needs for the general operations of our camp.

Scholarship Fund

You can make a donation to the Scholarship Fund to help a kid experience the magic of Camp Eagle Adventure Camps.

Give to a Capital Campaign

You can make a donation to fund capital improvements, upkeep and maintenance needed for our 1400 acre campus.

Donate Non-Cash Gifts

If you have a property or asset that you would like to give to Camp Eagle, we would be pleased to discuss this with you.

Become a Volunteer

If you have lots of energy, usable skills to share, and time to donate, please consider applying to serve as a volunteer.

Ways to Give

Give to our General Fund

Your unrestricted donation allows us to put your gift where it’s most needed.

You can make a one-time gift or set up an automatic recurring gift so you avoid any hassle or paperwork.

Camp Eagle Adventure Camps is committed to making twenty percent of our program spaces available to underserved youth through scholarships. Your one-time or recurring donation makes this possible! Eighty-eight percent of our Annual Fund goal of $150,000 goes toward scholarships.

Examples of what your Scholarship Fund donation will do

  • Sends one minister/educator to a Weekend Retreat
  • Sends one child to a week of City Camp
  • Sends one camper to one week of Group Camp or through a Wilderness Experience
  • Sends one camper to one week of Summer Camp

Donate to a Capital Campaign.

As a non-profit camping ministry utilizing a campus that spans 1,400 acres and accommodates 1,000 guests at a time, we have an ongoing need for capital improvements, upkeep and maintenance.

Watch for an announcement about our next capital Campaign, coming in 2019.

Donate Non-Cash Gifts

If you have a property or asset that you would like to give to Camp Eagle, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss this with you! Please consider discussing your gift with a tax lawyer prior to contacting us. Many gifts can provide you with a charitable tax deduction when properly.

Man Lift

This will help us work and paint at height with greater safety and efficiency. Without this we are heavily slowed down in work-at-height situations

  • Towable
  • Knuckle or knuckle-boom
  • 35-60′ reach

Vehicle Lift

Our Fleet Manager could be much more effective by being able to get a vehicle in the air to really see what is going on underneath.

  • 10,000 lb lift capacity
  • 2 post


This would give us the ability to better monitor coming storms, amount of rain received for irrigation controls, lighting strikes, floods – all of these are important out here. Many guests would like to be able to check our website or Weather Underground to see what a weather station at our location would say.

  • Durable
  • Compatible with Weather Underground

Metal Bunk Beds

We need help with supplies or welding skilled labor. Can you imagine how unnerving it is to experience unwanted out of town guests of the bed bug variety. This will help us make metal bunk beds to further make our facilities more foolproof from these unwanted guests.

One-of-a-kind chuck-wagon

Part of our mission is Outdoor Adventure. Yes, even with our meals. This will help us support our outdoor meals in a really fun way for our guests. We need help with supplies or welding skilled labor.


We have lots of trees on-site. Many are ready to be made into something wonderful. This helps us make really cool, lasting durable things for various needs and for much cheaper than we could buy them.

  • Ideally a Woodmiser portable band saw.

CNC Machine

This will help us cut signs for use all over property.

Old Barn Wood Lumber

We could make some really great “legacy” type things out of old barn wood.

Shop-built Rustic Cabins

Help with materials or skilled labor to create shop-built rustic cabins to replace our very old cabins at our Wilderness campus on-site.

Small Dump Truck

This will help us move materials on-site, such as: branches for clearing areas for fire control or constructing new activities or buildings, mulch for landscaped beds, and crushed granite for pathway maintenance.

Cedar Clearing Labor

Help thinning the non old-growth cedar trees off our property will help us cut down on fire danger, bring back natural springs, and re-instate that natural beauty and health of the hill country. Cedar trees absorb 40% of rain water on average and evaporate it back into the atmosphere – robbing the native trees and grasses. The cedar trees also slowly acidify the soil to make it harder for native grasses and trees to grow.

Small Used Truck

This would be used for our staff member that does our painting to move about camp more efficiently.

Land or Permits

If you have in-holdings or permits in National Forest land, and are willing to share its use, we’d love to talk about how we could partner together with our ideas for running a camping Family Camp at that location in the summers.

Mountain bikes, e-bikes, or mountain scooters

This will help our programs as we have lots of great trail to take campers on. This is very missional for us as we believe Outdoor Adventure is so important to form authentic relationships which gives us more ability to share Biblical truth with our guests.

  • Durable


Help with supplies or skilled labor to build pergola style porches over the decks along the river on our new Teen Camp campus. This new campus still needs much to mature and grow as a campus to better serve the campers that attend this program.

Ball Moss Removal

Help with chemicals or labor to remove “ball moss” that is plaguing our beautiful oak trees on property. The ball moss weighs down our trees – straining them under the weight causing them to die if they get too weak. The ball moss also blocks sunlight for grass growth under the trees.


Apply to serve as a volunteer! See first-hand what God is doing.

If you have lots of energy, usable skills to share, and time to donate consider applying to serve as a volunteer for 2-4 weeks in the summer. Volunteers are pre-screened to ensure safety and fit for the many roles each might be called upon to fill in Guest Services, the Dining Hall, Housekeeping, Retail, and Maintenance.


Attn: Legacy and Giving
6424 Hackberry Rd,
Rocksprings, TX 78880

Gifts are tax-deductible and can be made Online or by Check sent to the address on the left.