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Camp Eagle

Races & Events


Whether you run, bike, swim or all three, we’ve carved endless excitement into our rugged mountains for a wide range of adventure races. We’ve got unlimited potential for adrenaline-pumping outdoor excitement and hosted events, including trail run adventures and our 15+ miles of mountain bike trails that are open for approved public use, not to mention our rushing rivers and towering mountain cliffs. The sky’s the limit. Take up a challenge, or host your next event here.

J&J Race

Date:March 12-14, 2021

Welcome to the J&J Race and Trail Running Reunion from Tejas Trails at Camp Eagle on the western edge of the Texas Hill Country. The trails are rugged and beautiful, the accommodations are convenient, and the location is simply perfect. The goal, as always, is to create a long distance trail race that is difficult, yet runable… so it isn't easy, and wasn't intended to be.

Spread Your Wings Adventure Week

Date: May 28-31, 2021

A 1500 foot sherpa line, paddling in crystal clear waters, 14+ miles of sweet, sweet single track, mine maze, skeet shooting, water slides and a 3000 foot zipline. It’s summertime and Too Cool is gearing up to give you their funnest, coolest race yet. We always keep things fresh as well as have all the things you have come to expect from us and from Camp Eagle...tough as nails race, awesome shwagg, cool special tests, and more.

Hill Country Enduro

Date: March 19-21, 2021

Come join us for a weekend of epic Enduro racing action put on by the great team at Kodiak Tough. We'll have gnarly tracks, sweet adventure activities, and delicious food available all weekend long.

Victory Enduro

Date: September 3-6, 2021

Victory Racing is a timed race event (multi-sport) company, trail building company, and mountain bike race team based out of Austin, Texas. The Organization is steadily working to expand its reach to venues across the State of Texas, and also nationwide in 2021.

Policies & Provisions +

Policies & Provisions –

Medical Services for Race Participants

The health, safety and well being of everyone on our property for any event is our highest concern here at Camp Eagle. We do our best to provide a safe and healthy environment. However, there are inherent risks involved with adventure racing and outdoor activities. Camp Eagle provides first aid and medical services to registered Camp Eagle Campers only, and does NOT dispense medical treatment or advice to race or event participants. A First Aid kit is available at the front desk and many of our staff carry First Aid supplies with them. Camp Eagle is also not responsible for personal injury to guests due to accidents resulting from participating in races or events, or from recklessness or carelessness. A Camp Eagle staff member may give medical advice, but it is per his or her personal training, and is only given at their discretion on their own personal behalf – not as a representative of the Camp Eagle.



Office Hours

The Camp Eagle Camp office is open Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM.



Guests should park in designated parking lots only. Your Race Host will give directions upon your arrival.


Private Properties

Event participants are asked to respect all private areas. Please only use the areas designated for your group.



Camp Eagle is not responsible for any lost or stolen articles. Please lock windows and doors on all vehicles. Valuables may be brought to the Camp Eagle office for safe keeping during a retreat.


Towels & Linens

Camp Eagle provides linens and towels for hotel-style rooms only. Participants should bring linens if they are not provided for their specific accommodations.


Maps and Trail Information

Find trail maps, waivers/release forms, trail information, and camp maps in the Camp Eagle office foyer. If items cannot be found, ask the Camp Eagle office.



Campfires are a great way to enjoy the outdoors. Camp Eagle has several staffed, designated campfire areas that allow guests to enjoy all the fun of a campfire while remaining safe and good stewards of the surrounding area. Camp Eagle staff members have been trained with special knowledge in how, when and where to build a fire in order to keep it under control and avoid the possibility of wildfire. Special protocols have been established in case of emergency, so there is no need for concern as long as guidance is followed.


Lost & Found

Please bring any items found to the Front Desk. Articles left behind will be located and placed in Lost & Found. A lost item can be reported to the Camp Eagle main office during a race. Please contact the Camp Eagle office to retrieve any items left following the event.



Pets are not permitted on Camp Eagle property, or in any Camp Eagle buildings. Please leave all pets at home. Seeing eye and service dogs on a leash and under immediate control of the owner are accepted.


Camp Features

Some of the things that make Camp Eagle such a special place.