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Climate & Conditions

We've got it all: hot days, cold nights, spring fed rivers, limestone bluffs, and trails through mesquite trees

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Preparing Your Camper

Start prepping your camper: try an overnight at friend or family member's house and increase daily activity levels

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What to Bring/What Stays Home

Check our packing lists, but think outdoor-friendly clothes and supplies; leave electronics and phones at home

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Getting Here

Our address: 6424 Hackberry Rd Rocksprings, TX 78880 Your adventure begins when you turn off the pavement at HWY 41 and Hackberry Road, where you will travel eight miles down our dirt road.

What to Bring & What Stays Home

What To Bring To Camp Eagle

At Camp Eagle, you may not be sleeping under the stars, but you will be spending time outside.

Our packing list leans toward practical, outdoor-friendly clothes and shoes, basic toiletries, towels, and bedding if you're staying in our cabins. But, because we want you to enjoy your time outside, bug repellent, sunscreen, and a reusable water bottle are musts!

You'll also need a beach towel for the trip to our spring-fed river and a flashlight for nighttime activities.

Oh, and don't forget your Bible!

What To Bring/ What We Provide For Wilderness Camp or Gap Year

We ask all participants to provide their own sleeping bags and personal items.

At registration, you should receive a full packing list; however, expect to pack clothing for being on trail AND at base camp, as well as basic outdoor supplies: insect repellent, sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, flashlights, daypacks, and hydration systems.

For Wilderness Camp and Gap Year, we'll provide the following supplies:

  • Backpacks
  • Group Shelters
  • Foam sleeping pads
  • Stoves and fuel
  • Cookware, dishes, and utensils
  • Food, both at basecamp and on trail
  • Cord/materials for bear hangs
  • “Bobo bags” (trowel, TP, plastic and paper bags, hand sanitizer)
  • Group water containers
  • Water purification systems
  • First Aid Kit
  • GPS and communication device

What Stays Home

  • Cell phones (okay for your trip here, but after you get here, they stay in your room
  • Walkie­ talkies
  • Knives, weapons, or anything sharp
  • Pets
  • Alcohol or drugs
  • Your own harness/helmet
  • MP3 players
  • Electronic devices

At Camp Eagle

We want your camper (and you) to enjoy Camp Eagle. So, here's our advice on how to prep your camper for adventure at camp!

Start Talking Now

If your camper has never been away overnight, try a weekend at a friend's house. This will also give you time to talk through any concerns or anxiety you or your camper may have about camp.

Get active!

If your camper is unaccustomed to lots of physical activity, prepare for camp adventures by slowly increasing their activities in the weeks leading up to camp.

For Wilderness Camp or Gap Year

Be Ready to Rough It

When you're on the trail, there's no shampoo or deodorant, no mirrors or plumbing. There's sleeping in the mountain air and doing every part of life outside. Part of the necessary mental preparation is knowing what to expect.

Backpacking Prep

Pack weight, depending on the type of trip and length of stay, can be 30-50lbs, or up to about a third of your body weight. We provide most of the backpacking gear, so we can provide the optimum comfort for your trek. Making the pack fit your frame and distributing weight properly is a challenging activity. You will hike multiple miles and gain up to 4,000’ in elevation during a day’s hike. And you'll be carrying your home on your back. You don't have to be in the best shape of your life to backpack, but we do recommend weighted walks, smaller hikes, and staying active before you come.

**Be sure to inform your Wilderness Camp guide or Gap Year Director of any health concerns, including medical conditions and food allergies/intolerances before arrival.

Climate & Conditions At Camp Eagle

Competitor magazine declared Camp Eagle “Texas’ best adventure destination.” Temperatures can range from the 40’s overnight (depending upon the time of year and elevation of activity) to the 100’s mid-day. Our property has hiking trails, limestone bluffs, and a river. Be prepared for rain, heat, cold, and changing terrain. Expect to spend days enjoying the outdoors and nights in your cabin or lodge room.

For Wilderness Camp or Gap Year

Camp Eagle spans 1,400 acres of rugged Hill Country, speckled with natural caves, a quarter-mile of 150′ limestone cliffs, and 1.5 miles of the crystal clear Nueces River. That’s more natural resources jammed into one space than most camps across the nation can claim.

The temperature range of 40-110°F means any wilderness experience requires planning. Because of potential overnight lows, we recommend a warmer sleeping bag (25-30 degrees is optimal) that still compresses.

Rainstorms are normal all summer, so a rain jacket is required, and rain pants and broken-in waterproof footwear are preferable. Non-cotton socks are a must to keep your feet dry.

We hike in rocky terrain, so high-top waterproof boots are preferred for ankle support. Only bring boots/trail shoes that are broken in. Broken-in means you have walked a minimum of 25 miles in them. So, get walking! Many students also wear old athletic shoes during the summer. New shoes or borrowed hiking boots will leave your feet hurting.


Who We Are

Adventure under the wide open spaces and starry skies of the Texas Hill Country. Connect with Christ, build friendship, and create unforgettable memories.

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Facilities & Safety

By day you'll zip line, mountain bike, and swim in natural springs. By night you'll bed down in a cabin, lodge room, or yurt. And the moments between giving you space to breathe.


Lives Changed

At Camp Eagle we want you to grow in your faith and fall deeper in love with the Creator of the universe. We see lives changed by time away, outdoors, and life unplugged.


Financial Aid

Some families need a help due to job loss or other circumstances. We can help. We offer tuition matching, military discounts, and individual aid for all programming.

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