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Group Camp


Ideal for: Churches, Schools and Organizations   |   Ages: Middle School & High School   |   Dates: June 4th – August 7th

Every summer should have an adventure.

You’ll leave here with tons of them.

Group camp is our summer camp for youth groups: Church groups, youth ministries, children’s homes, youth ranches, schools, anyone wanting a unique and fast-paced, 4, 5 or 6-day summer session jam-packed with outdoor adventure, authentic relationships, and Biblical truth.

Explore uncharted territories.

Our goal is to deliver an exciting, memorable and life-changing experience to every camper who comes to Camp Eagle. Through outdoor adventures, group challenges, and in-depth Bible studies, campers learn new things and create unforgettable friendships. Group campers are encouraged toward personal spiritual growth, are inspired to build tighter bonds within their community, and leave with a more selfless outlook as they learn more about the saving grace of Jesus Christ. They also face fun physical challenges that help them examine and define how their actions, plans, and decisions can give them a firm foundation in the broad scope of God’s eternity.

Adventure Activities

Super Swing

Zip 3K

Rock Climbing

Sherpa Trek


Waterfront Tower

Bomb the Blob!

Drift Trikes

Mountain Bikes

Underground Maze

Ore Chute Slide

Arrow Tag


Ga-Ga Ball


Millhouse Obstacle Course

Sand Volleyball


Camp Store

Coffee Shop

Eagle Cave

Shotgun Range

Bouldering Wall

Hammock Hang Time

Redneck Paintball

Zip 850


Waterfront Decks



Super Swing

With full-body harnesses and an entire team required to run this swing, there's a reason we call it "super!" Experience the biggest swing here at Camp Eagle.

Zip 3K

The biggest zip line at Camp Eagle! From the top of our zip tower at one of the highest points in the area, fly across the beautiful Texas hill country at up to 55 mph. The views are legendary!

Rock Climbing

If you're a thrill seeker who'd like to feel a little "boulder", we accommodate all skill levels in many different climbing styles. For those about to rock, we salute you!

Sherpa Trek

Catch the explorer’s spirit as your group is connected to a cable as they help each other traverse across a trail that runs along a cliff’s edge 75 feet above the river.


Your heart pounds as you overcome your nerves and step off the cliff. What were you thinking? Total focus. Step by step. Now you're down, confident. Again!

Waterfront Tower

From our 3 story tower over the river you can choose to jump, zip, or slide into the crystal clear water below!

Bomb the Blob!

Climb. Leap! Plop! Launch! Whoa! Splash! Climb. Leap! Plop! Launch! Whoa! Splash! Repeat again and again until we wear 'em out.

Drift Trikes

It's like a cross between basketball, soccer, hockey, polo and demolition derby on our awesome drift trikes. Hard to explain. Amazing to play. Try it.

Mountain Bikes

Hop on and go for a spin that will leave you breathless in more ways than one. When you experience a mountainside ride, you'll know what we mean.

Underground Maze

Ever been in an abandoned mine? Take your friends and a glow stick or two and find your way through the labyrinth of tunnels in our underground maze. Knock on the walls to find the secret door, or slide down the shaft into a new room! How fast can you and your team get through the maze?

Ore Chute Slide

Saddle up and slide through the ore chute at our Nueces Canyon Mine!

Arrow TAG

We are hunters, and adventure is our game. We are unstoppable, and you are our prey. Take aim and bring 'em down. Before they get you!


Thousands of acres and miles of trails through God's beautiful creation. Explore the trails and experience vistas that will take your breath away.

Ga-Ga Ball

Ga-ga wha? Trust us, it's not for babies. Part dodge ball, part tag and part king of the hill, it takes action to another level. Stay with it. Rule the octagon!


Test your paddling skills in either a single or tandem kayak! Race from dam to dam! or just play bumper cars with those silly sup boarders!

Millhouse Obstacle Course

There's no easing into this, so jump right in! From there, you're climbing through our bouncy crash course. You'll love ducking, diving, and dodging to the end.

Sand Volleyball

Bring it on. Serve it up. Spike, slam, wham, attack - Let your competitive spirit take over. You'll need it. Dig, set, spin, spike! Leave the campfire for day's end.


There's nothing better than a game of hoops. Pick up moves with other campers from around the country, or take 'em to school like you do at home.

Camp Store

Make sure everyone knows you were at Camp Eagle and reward yourself with a Camp Eagle souvenir after a day of accomplishments! There’s a plethora of shirts, hats, water bottles, and other cool souvenirs to choose from. The camp store needs to be scheduled in advance of your retreat so we can make sure it’s available and staffed for you.

Coffee Shop

Our coffee shop is a great place to unwind, play games, and build community. Frappes, specialty sodas, ice cream, candy, and other snacks make up the many offerings on our menu. Be sure to schedule the Coffee shop in advance of your retreat so we can make sure it’s available and staffed for you!

Eagle Cave

Our guides can lead your group to our actual limestone cave, Eagle Cave, to explore a little-known world down below. If you’re brave enough, squeeze through the cracks to see the elusive second room in the cave.

Shotgun Range

A classic: we’ve got the clays, the trap thrower, the range, and the shotguns & ammo. You bring the marksmanship and competitiveness!

Bouldering Wall

Brand new to rock climbing? These colorful blocks are just right for learning the basics and getting the 'hang' of climbing without getting too far off the ground.

Hammock Hang Time

There are plenty of places around camp to relax. Stake a claim at one of the many hammocks that are open for grabs. Breath in the fresh air. Now exhale.

Redneck Paintball

Think paintball with slingshots. Don't let the name fool you, your neck is well protected. Your pride, however, is not. Think fast! They come at you from all sides.

Zip 850

Here’s your opportunity to soar down our flagship dual 850-foot zip lines at up to 30 mph! Our most accessible zip line, it’s a great activity for all ages. This activity is a solid night option as well.


Swim in our spring-fed Nueces river and experience the blob, our waterslides, zip line, and much more. A fun reprieve on a hot afternoon! Lifeguards are required for all waterfront activities.

Waterfront Decks

Water you waiting for? Take a dip and a drop from any one of our numerous decks rigged with ropes, slides, blobs and more. Look out below, and bombs away!


Need a refreshing dip in the river? Don't bother with the stairs, start from the dop and slip and slide into the beautiful Nueces River!


Is camp not "camp" enough for you? We've got just the thing. It's authentic camping in real wilderness surroundings. The stars never looked prettier.



the Greatest Encore to the Greatest Show has yet to happen...




Sunk in sin, salvaged by Jesus..




the One who sustains, the One who give eternal life!




Dive straight into the issues and meaning of the word HOME.



The Throne

Our God and King, the one who sits on The Throne.




Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in your law.



Family Community



Consider It











Group Camp Sessions

Whether it’s a low-key week, an extreme adventure, or something in the middle, make your Camp Eagle experience one filled with lasting memories.

4, 5, or 6 Days


– 3 Nights / 4 Days – 4 Nights / 5 Days – 5 Nights / 6 Days – Middle School, Junior High and High School

Camp Features

Some of the things that make Camp Eagle such a special place.

A Typical Day At Camp


7 AM

Rise & Shine

8 AM


9 AM

Morning Chaos Time!

10 AM

Rotation #1 – Learning, Bonding, or Playing!

1 PM


1:45 PM

Rotation #2 – Get After it!

4:30 PM

Rotation #3 – Now You’re Going!

7 PM

Yay! Dinner! We’re Starving!

8 PM

Evening Experience. Sing. Dance. Praise. Inspire higher!

10 PM

Wind Down.

Group Camper’s Testimonial

We are a smaller church with a small group. I enjoyed seeing the kids come together and bond as a team during the course of the camp. They opened up as the week went on and truly learned and grew in Christ. Personally, I loved hiking up to the windmill and the "rain...

Group Camper’s Testimonial

The staff is absolutely incredible and a main reason that I continue to bring our students to Camp Eagle. We had the best counselors this year!! Group Camper's Testimonial - Group Camp 2017  

Group Camper’s Testimonial

Our veteran campers still love Camp Eagle best Group Camper's Testimonial - Group Camp 2017  

Barron’s Mother’s Testimonial

Barron said "I definitely felt myself come closer to God". And that my friends, in a parent's heart, is pure gold! Barron's Mother - Summer Camp 2017  

Julie Aulner’s Testimonial

Oh my goodness, my daughter is still talking about the activities and how outstanding they work! She also loved how there was a lesson built into many of the activities. Very creative! Julie Aulner - Summer Camp 2017  

Elizabeth Anne Wrase’s Testimonial

I was amazed at the super activities Luke participated in throughout the week. Rappelling, archery, and blob were some favorites. He wanted to go to Camp Eagle specifically for the blob! He talked a bit about the river traverse the last day- he mentioned it being hard...

Emily Anne Bippert’s Testimonial

Thursday was my favorite night. Sitting under the stars, and listening to Zakk and The Homestead from across the water was absolutely spectacular. I fell in love with CE a million times over that night. Emily Anne Bippert - Zion Lutheran Church 2017  

Nick Arnold’s Testimonial

I love how camp always makes my kids want to continue growing in their faith when they get home. I can't think of too many experiences that make kids want to do that. Nick Arnold - Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran 2017  

Alexandra Fairen Hattan’s Testimonial

Every year I get home from Camp and I'm distraught cause the food at home isn't as good. Alexandra Fairen Hattan - Crosspoint Church 2017  

Carol Peeples’s Testimonial

I got as much from the week as the kids did. I came home energised and with a greater faith Carol Peeples - First United Methodist Church Round Rock 2017  

Linda O’Donnell’s Testimonial

I have been to MANY camps and Camp Eagle is over the top in the quality of food served. My youth agree with that whole heartedly also!!! Linda O'Donnell - Faith United Methodist Church 2017  

Tammy Dickey’s Testimonial

Felt like a Queen using the Leader Room! Fully furnished and comfortable. Tammy Dickey - Springcreek Church Garland 2017  

Morgan Amber McCool’s Testimonial

"Amazing God-fearing, spirit-driven, patient, loving staff!” A special thank you to Dave and Amanda from helping us feel welcomed and a BIG thank you to John ""Sunshine"" and Meredith for being the best counselors we could have asked for.""" Morgan Amber McCool -...

Jolie Claire Michon’s Testimonial

Our counselors Alyssa and Kevin were great. They knew when to have fun with the kids and when to get them to listen. They got stern when needed but had a good time too! The activity staff were great as well. The zipline 3000 female leader took her time to talk to one...

Tammy Dickey’s Testimonial

AMAZING!! Our 4 leaders never fell short, always encouraged, made everyone feel loved - truly relationship builders and kingdom focused. LOVE! Tammy Dickey - Springcreek Church Garland 2017  

Kayla Kilmartin’s Testimonial

My husband, Luke Kilmartin, had a boot on one of his legs this previous week out at camp and the counselors were so responsive, carrying, and servant hearted making him a part of everything and still attending highly to the kids on such a wonderful level. The students...

Jonathan Downs’s Testimonial

You were the best I have ever had in 15 years of student camp ministry. Jonathan Downs - Trinity Baptist Church Lake Charles 2017  

Lauren Cosby’s Testimonial

ALL of the people were THE BEST part of camp for us. Dave, Amanda, Zakk, our counselors Alex and Jonathan... everyone was incredible! Lauren Cosby - Austin New Church 2017  

Rhonda Ullman’s Testimonial

Everyone was amazing. They were all friendly and happy to help. Our counselors were Tyler and Stephanie. I cannot say a enough positive words about both of them. Another of your staff who really made a difference was Milly. My son and I were up to do the zipline and...

David Joe’s Testimonial

"I liked each of the activities that we participated in. My favorite thing was the walk carrying the cross and burdens. It was incredible to experience that so viscerally. The night experiences are truly unique at CE.”" David Joe - Sugar Land Baptist Church 2017...

Kayla D Hebert’s Testimonial

I loved how everything was so coordinated for our day Kayla D Hebert - Trinity Baptist Church Lake Charles 2017  

Linda O’Donnell’s Testimonial

Our youth LOVED the activities that Camp Eagle had and can't wait to return Linda O'Donnell - Faith United Methodist Church 2017  

Lauren Cosby’s Testimonial

Other than the walk with the cross, my favorite experience was the group activity at the dam. That really bonded our group and helped us improve communication, and was the perfect balance of stretching ourselves and overcoming fears, and having fun with each other....

Morgan Amber McCool’s Testimonial

My favorite experience was either night outside when we got to experience the stars and have them apart of the lesson of that day. Very well done! Loved it being interactive. Morgan Amber McCool - Montgomery United Methodist Church 2017  

Janine Rothmann’s Testimonial

The real life experiences were truly a blessing to the kids and sponsors/leaders. Thank you for your creativity and blessings we experienced at camp. Janine Rothmann - Our Saviours Lutheran Church 2017  

Mike Mouton’s Testimonial

Best camp activities at any camp i've chaperoned Mike Mouton - Trinity Baptist Church 2017  

Ronnie Purcell’s Testimonial

Everything was excellent, the camp was run well, it was clean, the camp pastor did a good job of getting the lesson across without being too long, the counselors every year are great, they are friendly and listen well to all the students, I have been to a lot of camps...

Jase Ellis’s Group Camp Testimonial

I appreciate your attention to detail. Worship is engaging. Preaching is Bible focused. And every activity has a purpose and a point. Jase Ellis - First Baptist Church Vidalia 2017  

Jase Ellis’s Testimonial

Our students responded well to worship, Zack's teaching, morning chaos, and evening activities (dance party & bonfire). Hiking is something we enjoy quite a bit as well. And, of course, the zip 3k! So stinking awesome! Jase Ellis - First Baptist Church Vidalia 2017...

Brooke Roberts’s Testimonial

The evening experiences were unforgettable. I feel like our kids are going to keep those experiences with them for quite a while if not forever. Brooke Roberts - Trinity Baptist Church 2017  

Kyle Heidelberg’s Testimonial

The Wednesday night experience when we hiked up to the cross was one of the most impactful moments of the week. Very well done! Kyle Heidelberg - Group Camp 2017  

Brooke Roberts’s Testimonial

The Cross experience was amazing. The 10 for 10 time was great and much needed for reflection. The debriefing time was great for our group and I realized just how much the kids were paying attention and really enjoying the camp!!! Brooke Roberts - Group Camp 2017...

Dayna Leggett’s Testimonial

Our students opened up in many ways during Group Camp. I love the way you guys run it and allow so many moments for God to move. Keep up the good work!” The Mysterious White t-shirt event was definitely the FULCRUM of the camp experience. The next morning, one of our...

Rhonda R Ullman’s Testimonial

I really enjoyed the evening chaos each night. Music was awesome. I cried each night during the singing from the overwhelming feelings/spirit I felt. Thank You! Rhonda R Ullman - Our Saviours Lutheran Church 2017  

Gail Weiland’s Testimonial

The one thing my husband and I were unexpectedly impressed with was how much more aware our daughters came home of other kids who are less fortunate - kids from children's homes, kids who don't have parents who take them to church because of divorces, drugs, etc. That...

Maryanna Pearson’s Testimonial

He's not much of a talker, and has been talking non-stop since getting home from camp -- a fabulous experience all around. Maryanna Pearson - Saint John Lutheran 2017  

Mrs. Rhiannon Smith’s Testimonial

I am also grateful for the time I am blessed to spend at Camp Eagle. I pray that even when I'm old and my kids are on their own that I will still have the opportunity to be a sponsor with the youth. I anticipate the time to be at Camp Eagle to unplug from the world...

Jennifer Lawson’s Testimonial

This was my second year at Camp Eagle as a sponsor. Both experiences were amazing. From the staff, to the meals, to the overall experience, my daughter and I both thought it was awesome. Jesus is alive and working through Camp Eagle! Can't wait to see you guys next...

Emily Anne Bippert’s Testimonial

Always a wonderful time...I never want to leave. My students feel the same way, and I feel they genuinely want to bring the camp energy back with them. Emily Anne Bippert - Zion Lutheran Church 2017  

Cathy Lynell Schoenfield’s Testimonial

I have had experience with the staff for quite a while now since my son did walkabout. The quality of the people is commendable! Whoever is in charge of hiring Needs to keep that position cause the people are quality. It's always hard to leave because of the pouring...

Gloria K Whitmore’s Testimonial

This was my ninth year at Camp Eagle and I am always impressed by the staff's ability to share and connect with the students. Gloria K Whitmore - First Baptist Church Sealy 2017  

Dawn Simmons’s Testimonial

We absolutely LOVED our counselors, Trey and Alex!!! As for the rest of the staff that we had contact with, they were always kind and helpful! I was never turned away from having a conversation with any of them! God has truly blessed Camp Eagle with great people! Dawn...

Nick Arnold’s Testimonial

You guys have the best, most servant-hearted staff of any camp I've ever been to. Nick Arnold - Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church 2017  

Alexandra Fairen Hattan’s Testimonial

It was amazing to be able to walk along side my students through each activity and just see them blossom. Hearts were changed and eyes opened. Alexandra Fairen Hattan - 2017  

Suzanna Minx’s Testimonial

I never went to youth camp as a teenager and through the grace of God as an adult I have been able to accompany our youth group to Camp Eagle twice and to another camp once. There is no comparison between the other camp and Camp Eagle. Camp Eagle was by far superior...

Camper’s Testimonial

As a sponsor, I was surprised at the total intentionality of every little activity. I gained as much if not more than our youth. Definitely plan on returning next year. Group 2017  

Christina Margie Gonzalez’s Testimonial

For me as a parent you guys changed my child to the point that she came home saying "pray for me mom because I TRULY feel God is calling me into leadership"!!! Wow this is Amazing????????????????????????. Christina Margie Gonzalez - Long Point Baptist Church 2017...

Group Camp Testimonial

Our students are always challenged and you can always tell that safety is a huge priority. I don't know of another camp that offers the experiences you get at Camp Eagle. 2017 Group Camp  

Sarah Quiroga’s Testimonial

There are places in the world where the veil between heaven and earth are thin, and I think Camp Eagle is one of those places. Sarah Quiroga - Dunstan's Episcopal Church  
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Enthusiastic. Energetic. Inspiring. And SUPER Fun.

Our staff is made up of a bunch of really fun, friendly people who are also super serious about providing you with the best camp experience ever. Each day they demonstrate their passion for serving Jesus Christ through leading by example and with a cheerful demeanor.

Dave Grinsell

Group Camp Director

Our staff members are recruited based on their:

Personality & Ability

Passion for Teaching

Servant's Heart

Relationship With Christ

Qualifications & Skills

Education & Training

Round ’em up! Sign ’em up! Bring ’em out!

But before you do, make sure everyone in your group knows the drill.

Whether they’re a camper or a parent, new to Camp Eagle or just need a refresh; here’s your field guide for ultimate camp preparedness. Don’t forget the sunscreen and a change of undies. Now, let’s go make some memories.

Everything You Need to Know +

Everything You Need to Know –

Preparing Your Camper(s)

We’ve packed a lot of info in here so your campers can be fully prepared for their camp adventure. Still have questions? Contact us directly. More

Group Camp Lodging

Dorm rooms are close to the dining hall and all activity areas. They have shared bathrooms and are cleaned by staff regularly. More

What to Bring

Toothbrush? Check. Shorts and T-Shirts. Check. Swimsuits? Double-check. Here’s a complete list of stuff to bring with you to camp. More

What not to Bring

Not to be a downer, but this is camp, baby! Enjoy it. Here’s your list of items to leave at home. Yes, cell phones are on it. More

Health and Safety

The spiritual, physical, and emotional wellbeing of every camper is our top priority. We’re here to fulfill all their safety and nutritional needs. More

Getting To Camp

Camp Eagle is located at 6424 Hackberry Rd, Rocksprings, TX 78880. For directions click the "MAP" button below.


Luggage Limit

You don’t have to go minimalist, but who wants a bunch of stuff to keep track of? Pack light for a stress-free camp experience.

Arrival & Departure

We can’t wait to welcome you to camp! Check with your church or group leader for times and pointers for a smooth drop-off and pick-up.

Camp Credit & Squirrel Bags

Deposit funds for the purchase of snacks or merchandise, or pre-order a “Squirrel Bag” filled with goodies and gear for your camper.

Email, Mail & Packages

Campers LOVE to get mail! You can leave it with us when you drop off your camper. Or mail it, but just remember to send it a week ahead.

Activity Upgrades

There are way more adventures to experience at camp than can be done in a week. But if your adrenaline isn’t rushing quite fast enough visit HERE. More

Payment Policies

Payments for groups and individuals can be handled in a number of ways. Review our options and policies BEFORE registering for camp. More

Code of Conduct

We’re here to have fun, build each other up and encourage others in love! But there are a few behaviors that just won’t fly at Camp Eagle. More

Cell Phones / Devices Policy

There is no app for this. Stop, listen and look around. Nature is amazing! Enjoy it while you can. Please leave your cell phones and devices at home.

In Case of Emergency

We want kids to establish their independence. But if there’s a home emergency, contact the camp Director and we’ll arrange a call. Contact Camp Director

Dates & Rates

Group Camp 2022LengthDatesRatesRegister
Session 14-DayJune 3 - June 6, 2022$300/camperFULL: Email For Inquires
Session 26-DayJune 7 - June 12, 2022$495/camperFULL: Email For Inquires
Session 3 5-DayJune 13 - June 17, 2022$395/camperFULL: Email For Inquires
Session 54-DayJune 24 - June 27, 2022$300/camperFULL: Email For Inquires
Session 65-DayJune 28 - July 2, 2022$395/camperFULL: Email For Inquires
Session 75-DayJuly 5 - July 9, 2022$395/camperFULL: Email For Inquires
Session 86-DayJuly 11 - July 16, 2022$495/camperLIMITED AVAILABILITY
Session 96-DayJuly 18 - July 23, 2022$495/camperFULL: Email For Inquires
Session 105-DayJuly 24 - July 28, 2022$395/camperLIMITED AVAILABILITY
Session 115-DayJuly 29 - August 2, 2022$395/camperOPEN
Session 125-DayAugust 4 - August 8, 2022$395/camperOPEN

For any questions regarding Group Camp or registration please contact:

Dave Grinsell: Email  |  830-683-3530

And be sure to reserve a date for your group and the number of beds you will require. It’s easy!

Payment Policy

  • Prices are the same for group leaders and campers
  • Full payment is preferred at the time of registration
  • A payment plan is available as follows:
    • Initial Deposit of $50 for 3 night camps, $75 for 4 night camps, and $100 for 5 night camps per person is due at time of registration.
    • Second Payment of 50% of your account balance is due by March 1st.
    • Final Payment of the remaining account balance is due 7 days prior to opening day of your camp or retreat.
  • Please only register for the number of campers you are confident will attend. You can always add more campers later if space is available.
  • ALL PAYMENTS MADE ARE NON-REFUNDABLE for reservations abandoned with no advance notice.
  • Reservations cancelled with advance notice will still require partial payment based on the schedule shown below:
    • Prior to March 1st – Deposit forfeited
    • Prior to May 1st – 50% Cancellation fee per bed
    • After May 1st – 100% Cancellation fee per bed

If you have questions please contact

Support Camp Eagle

Four ways you can help